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Wednesday, 25 November, 2020

Is This the Future Face of Liberty?

Date: 12 March, 2000

By: Chief

Imageost people enjoy sporting events — be they football, baseball, archery, shooting or any number of others. Consider the Olympics. The best of the best, if you will, compete ... for the gold. Each team representing their country. Those of us not able to attend watch the — games — on T.V. until our eyes cross. Keeping score on the medal count. Can we take it all? (Photo courtesy of Associated Press.)

imageNow, how many of us remember the 1972 Olympic Summer Games? The games which will live in infamy? The games held in Munich, Germany. The games which spawned a 'new' type of tyranny. A type a tyranny which haunts us to this very day.

Terrorism. Hooded men with weapons and explosives. Hooded men who are willing to kill unarmed men, women and children to make a political statement. Ahhh, you're remembering the image of that most horrid of Olympic Games. The lone, masked terrorist standing on an exposed balcony in an Olympic Village dormitory. By the time it was over, 11 unarmed athletes, coaches and judges were dead. Murdered. Murdered by hooded men. Murdered by cowards!

The Legacy Lives On

Though the legacy of hatred continues, it most certainly has moved. Moved from foreign soil to the 'land of the free and home of the brave'. Indeed terrorism has found a new home. Not content with Germany or Israel. Oh no. Now it lives and breathes in such far off places as Seattle, Los Angeles, New York ... and a place called Fresno, California. In that quiet bastion of agriculture in Central California, hooded men, though the word cowards is much more accurate, commit acts of terrorism with utter impunity.

The most unfortunate part of this is that We the People have brought these atrocities, these acts of despotism ... upon ourselves. We the People have cried forth to our legislators — protect us ... protect us! Our legislators listened well. Our duly elected representative have, for our purported benefit, enacted numerous laws to protect us from this evil. The evil of terrorism. These laws have weakened our Constitution. These same laws have strengthened the hand and power of the executive branch of government. Finally, these laws have placed the power of life or death unto the hands of law enforcement. Is it therefore no wonder that terrorists can act, and more importantly have acted, with utter and absolute impunity in Fresno, California?

imageOn December 29th 1999, in Fresno County, a home was broken into. The house was ransacked. The family was held hostage for approximately 4 ½ hours. The people who broke into this house wore black masks and carried loaded guns. Then they left. They left a family in fear. The two children, ages 5 and 7, still do not sleep through the night. They left the husband and wife in a mixture of outrage and terror. The house sustained thousands of dollars of damage, though nothing was stolen. The culprits, the vandals, the terrorists, the cowards who committed this act, certainly far beyond the pale, got away scot free. They were after all ... members of the Fresno County Sheriff's department, Fresno Police department, F.B.I. and B.A.T.F.! (A Fresno County deputy sheriff 'watching' the family who owns the home in the background.)

It is, I suppose, somewhat worthy of note that the actions of the Sheriff's department, breaking down a door, quite literally ransacking a house, holding a family — with children — hostage for 4 ½ hours were all due to an anonymous tip received via telephone! The homeowner did receive a warrant of search and seizure, long after these terrorists had commenced trashing the house. Did these hooded men find anything ...? Did they arrest the owner or members of the family for a heinous crime they surely must have committed ...? The answer to both is — no.

Probable cause is the requirement contained within the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution in order for there to be a lawful search and seizure. I have extreme difficulty believing Mr. Madison, who wrote the amendment, intended anonymous tips, be they delivered by telephone, U.S. mail or carrier pigeon, would or even could fill the void created by the probable cause requirement. Further, in that a judge signed a warrant of search and seizure, albeit after the fact and based solely upon an anonymous tip, that particular judge needs to be put out to pasture ... pronto.

Hooded men with automatic weapons and explosives can raid and ransack homes — can terrorize families. This is terrorism done to ... protect us from terrorists. This fait accompli is protecting us from evil. It most assuredly appears to be a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

I suggest you take a moment and review both images. The image of the 'foreign' terrorist and the above image of a 'deputy sheriff'. I, for one, fail to see any difference. Yet according to the elected sheriff of the County of Fresno, this action is lawful. This playing dress up as terrorists is lawful.

Was there a public outcry? Was the local newspaper calling, no, demanding a full investigation of this despicable act? No. Nothing. Not a word, not a whisper. This begs the question, what has changed? Why are We the People not rising up in outrage? Have we, as a purported 'free' people become so desensitized to acts of terror committed by agents of our government — on our neighbors — that we accept this as normal? In other words, 'it didn't happen to me therefore, it's none of my business'. That, as abysmal as it sounds, is a possibility. There is another possibility. One far more frightful than the first. Have We the People surrendered our liberty for a temporary, indeed, a make believe — security? Are we willing to toss aside our constitutional rights and protections for a security blanket? I truly hope not.

I know not which is true, if either, but I do know this. Our country is founded upon individual liberty. The liberty to live one's life as he or she may wish — so long as their way of living does not interfere with mine and vice versa. To ensure that way of life was protected, the Bill of Rights was added into our Constitution. Limiting the powers and, more importantly, the actions of the government against We the People. The sheriff, in and for the County of Fresno, Republic of California has, to be sure, forgotten this. His deputies have forgotten this as well. Therefore it is time they are reminded, quite strongly, for whom they work. It is time for We the People to insist and demand Sheriff Richard Pierce resign and face the consequences of his actions and the actions of his deputies. If Sheriff Pierce is unwilling to do so, he can, under law, be removed from office.

This is a most critical time for We the People. If those who live in the Fresno area cannot or will not stand up with righteous indignation — demanding justice be done — it most assuredly will happen again. One must bear in mind that cowards or terrorists prey on the weak. If the people of Fresno fail to stand against these acts, these cowards, these terrorists, indeed — these sheriffs, the government will prey on them and ultimately ... consume them.

The price of liberty is extremely high. The price of despotism and tyranny is horrific.

[Ed note: Story update — The gentleman to whom this act of terrorism was hoisted upon pasted away 11 April, 2013. He was 56 at the time of his death. Vaya Con Dios Radio Rebel.]

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