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Friday, 04 December, 2020

Prohibition is Alive and Well

Date: 06 February, 2000

By: Chief and N.C.

Imageou thought it was repealed in 1933, didn't you? The twenty-first amendment? Good guess, wrong answer. Prohibition is with us today, as insidious as ever. It just doesn't have to do with alcohol anymore.

The new, improved (?) Prohibition encompasses far more than mere alcohol.

Let's start with medicinal marijuana. Oh, I can hear you now ... "druggies pushing for their pot" ... wrong again. I don't use any drugs — not even alcohol. I do, however, know folks who do use medicinal marijuana with a doctor's recommendation. The law passed by We the People in the state of California permits that. So why are law enforcement agencies statewide committing what is tantamount to judicial homicide by arresting and incarcerating these people without their medication? Prohibition. We have a 'war' against drugs going on, you know. A failed war. A war that has cost billions of dollars and hundreds of lives, either through total destruction financially or outright death.

So why is this happening? Well, some well intentioned people who believe they know what's best for We the People have said that marijuana is an evil, evil drug that leads to stronger, more evil drugs. They tell us marijuana is a hallucinogen, that our children will become addicted. (Ever notice how the children always pop up as an emotional tool to help these people push through things reasoning adults might not otherwise fall for?)

Part of the reason is a little thing fondly called civil asset forfeiture. Fondly called by law enforcement, at any rate. During the alcohol prohibition civil asset forfeiture was limited to seizure of finished product, i.e. booze, and the paraphernalia used to manufacture said product. Now law enforcement can seize anything they so desire. Homes, cars, bank accounts, computers, savings bonds, etc., etc., etc. ad infinitum. What's more, the law enforcement agency gets a percentage of what is seized. Talk about incentive! You can get your assets returned ... providing you can prove your innocence. If you have sufficient money for attorneys and can wait a few years, you may be able to get back what they haven't already sold at auction. Good luck!

The truth is, doctors kill and disable far more people each year with prescription drugs than have ever been harmed by marijuana. Not that prescription drugs are essentially harmful — the incompetence of the doctors is what causes the problem. Perhaps doctors should be prohibited.

The Institute of Medicine recently released (sort of) the results of a study on marijuana and its medical applications. The concluded that marijuana, the cannabinoids contained therein specifically, does have beneficial medical effects. Was drug Czar Barry McCaffrey pleased to find marijuana is not the evil, evil substance he'd been led to believe? Did he rejoice when he found out that marijuana could help desperately ill people that nothing else helped? Sure — and the moon really is made of green cheese, too. Far from welcoming new information regarding a potentially beneficial drug, he has tried very hard to suppress the study results. Fortunately he has had only limited success in this endeavor. The war on drugs goes on, with even more fervor.

There are other forms of Prohibition, too. Some of which you may not be aware, since they have been slid in under doors and around corners "for our own good." Some are a bit more blatant.

How about a prohibition against freedom of peaceable assembly? You haven't heard about that? Sure you have ... it was all over the news just last year. I'm talking about what happened in Seattle during the WTO convention. Folks who had assembled peaceably to exercise their first amendment right of free speech were beaten, gassed, shot at with rubber bullets at point blank range, maimed and killed. Yes, killed. A woman who was doing nothing more threatening to the 'poor officers' than leaving her job at the end of her workday was beaten so severely she lost her 4 month old fetus through miscarriage. She wasn't even part of the protest. Neither were the folks in the residential area where law enforcement pushed the protesters. Those folks were shown the full force of law enforcement's wrath when the cops sprayed the tear gas and pepper spray in such a manner that their houses were filled with these painful and harmful substances. At least they only had to deal with it in their homes and not being deliberately rubbed into their eyes, noses, and mouths like the cops did to the protesters. All this and a curfew in the downtown area from dusk to dawn, as well. Score bonus! Prohibition of peaceable assembly!

Did you like that one? You'll like this one even more. How about prohibition of freedom of association? The federal government has that covered through the "Criminal Street Gangs" statute. Any group of five or more people that interferes with interstate or foreign commerce can be arrested as a "Criminal Street Gang." Are you on an email list? Are there more than five people on that list? It's on the world wide web — they can get you. You have to prove that what you're doing is not interfering with interstate or foreign commerce. By the time you do, you've used up your assets and your reputation, indeed — your life, is destroyed. Pretty nifty on their part, eh? They can use that statute to bring down ANY group or association they choose.

Here's another one — prohibition of freedom of choice. Because of the same people who just know how very dangerous marijuana is you can no longer drive or ride in a car without a seatbelt on; you are told where in the vehicle and in what manner you must restrain your children (my parents said "sit down and be quiet" — that was enough restraint for us); you must put extra weight on your head while riding a motorcycle (physics, anyone?); you aren't supposed to smoke and in fact are prohibited from doing so in most public places; you aren't supposed to eat too much salt, sugar, fat, etc., etc., etc. In other words you are far too STOOPID to take care of yourself. The government — pick one: local, state, federal — has to take care of you. I've got a mom, thank you. She's a really good mom, too. I don't need 'moms' at all levels of government trying to protect me from the vagaries of life. My own mom understands that you've got to fall down and scrape your knee once in a while in order to learn to ride a bicycle. It's called taking an "assumed risk." If you indulge in what is considered risky behaviour, like driving a car or eating fatty foods, you assume the risk and are responsible for yourself. What a concept.

Most of what has been discussed here — these prohibitions — are in direct contravention with the Constitution. That's the real crux of the biscuit. Our government(s) are circumventing the Constitution right and left. They're passing laws on a daily basis that infringe on the rights guaranteed us by the Constitution. Our president is issuing executive orders like a madman, trying to work around the Constitution rather than within it. Of course, when there are members of Congress who state that the Constitution is just an outdated document it really shows the respect these people do not have for the supreme law of the land.

It is time for us to remind them that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land. It is time for us to hold them accountable for attempting to destroy the very foundation of this country. It is time to put control of the government back into the hands of We the People instead of the government ever increasingly controlling us. A government large enough to provide for your every need is a government large enough to take everything you have — including your liberty. It is time to re-read the Declaration of Independence and heed the words:

"When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands ....."

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