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Sunday, 29 November, 2020

The Pen is Mightier. . .

Date: 18 January, 2000

By: Chief

Imageomeone once wrote or said the 'pen is mightier than the sword'. One cursory look at history will tell you no statement is more true. Consider the 'rule of law'. We can go back before the bible and at first glance discern the power of the pen, or chisel, as the case might be.

King Hammurabi of Babylon wrote the first civil law known to man. This code was written 300 - 500 years before Moses. Then comes Moses and the Ten Commandments. Moses then wrote the Pentateuch or Book of Laws. Jumping forward in time by, oh, 1400 years or so, the barons of England brought King John to his knees before them on the fields of Runnymeade, in the year 1215. The Magna Charta or Great Charter. With its signing came the birth of freemen. Make another leap forward in time to the year 1765 and the Stamp Act. It was this act, formulated in England which imposed a tax on all documents stamped in the Colonies. Indeed, it was this same act which inspired the phrase "no taxation without representation" and ignited the absolute wrath of the colonists. Historians have since written that this one act is what galvanized the colonists into action — into seeking independence. That brings up the Declaration of Independence. The strokes of the pen on this one page document created a new country, a free country.

The pen has changed the world countless times and continues to do so. Our Congress and the legislatures of the several states continue to churn out new laws. In California for example, 1,440 new laws became effective January 1, 2000. 1,440 laws!! 1,440 restrictions on our liberty. It is ludicrous. Who knows how many laws the Congress enacted. Most certainly it is too many. Too many restrictions on our liberty.

Though the pen gets the job started, it is the sword which, by brute force, threats and blood, supports the pen. Take any of the examples listed above. It was Hammurabi's army which backed up his code. It was the power of the Ark of the Covenant which supported Moses. It was mercenaries hired by the barons who got King John to capitulate and sign the Magna Charta. It was colonists, under guidance of the Sons of Liberty who burnt the tax buildings, tarred and feathered the tax collectors. It, again, was colonists, who fought for our country's independence. Wielding the sword to support the pen cost many of those colonists dearly. It cost some their lives.

Now look at what we have. Police, at all levels of government, armed with automatic weapons, explosives, pepper spray, armed vehicles and a host of other items of destruction enforcing the writings of the pen. Most assuredly these enforcers are not fighting a foreign invader. No, these enforcers are fighting freemen. Fighting to destroy the spirit of We the People.

In England, though most people who live there consider themselves as citizens, possibly even freemen, they are not. They are, under British law, subjects. Subjects of the crown. No more, no less. They are not even people. Just subjects. They live as a 'caste' in a society of classes.

We in this country have, by the single act of apathy, accomplished much the same thing. We now live in 'caste' society. The ruling class, supporters of the ruling class and finally, everyone else. Just who is the 'ruling' class? The members of Congress and legislators of the several states. Supporters of the ruling class include the main two political parties, corporations, unions and associations who contribute heavily to the parties and the governors and President. Governors and the President support, by and large, the actions of the legislatures and the Congress. Legislatures and the Congress can 'override' a veto. Further, if one political party controls both the legislative and executive branch of government, well, one can see how much mischief or evil can be turned loose on We the People.

In Fresno County, California, the county sheriff has a bunker in the hills which contains dynamite and plastique explosives! Just why does any law enforcement agency have a need for explosives? The California Highway Patrol now arms all its patrol cars with a shotgun and a M-16! Why does the CHP need an assault rifle or shotgun to issue a speeding ticket? Within the federal law enforcement fiasco, over 60,000 agents carry firearms of one sort or another. This is nuts!

The phrase 'to protect and serve' is, at best, half true. Police do not work for We the People. Indeed police work for the executive branch of the government. Be it city, county, state or federal government. Hence, police are the enforcers. Care for an example? How about Seattle last year during the World Trade Organization conference. On order of the Mayor of Seattle, police attempted, very hard and very, very brutally, to break up We the People from exercising a First Amendment right. The right to assemble and petition for redress of grievance. On order of the mayor that was done. On decree a right was violated and broadcast throughout the world. Tear gas, pepper spray, billy clubs and rubber bullets used against citizens. Used against We the People!

There are something like 6,500 gun control statutes on the federal books. 6,500 violations of "shall not be infringed." God only knows how many more thousands are collectively on the books of the several states. Most if not all the several states have 'implied consent' laws. Meaning if you possess a driver's license you have consented to a search and seizure. A search and seizure of bodily fluids to ascertain if you have been drinking or using some other drug. No probable cause is required. No warrant to be served. If you refuse, you lose your license. Period. Then there are the vile 'civil asset forfeiture laws'. As a civil law, no warrant is required. No probable cause, no nothing. All that is needed is an allegation. Police can then seize, quite literally, everything you own. It is then up to you to prove your innocence! In other words, you have to disprove the allegation. How are you going to do that? Do you have the money, let alone the time, to attempt to disprove the allegation?

It is sad though true to say that We the People have brought this upon ourselves. All because of apathy. All because of 'let someone else take care of it, I don't have the time'. All because of 'it doesn't affect me'. All because of 'I've always voted Republican or Democrat or whatever party'. All because of 'I'm just one person, what I say doesn't mean anything'. A lot of reasons. No, that is wrong. A lot of excuses. No reasons, just lame excuses. Excuses, by the way, are like butt holes, everybody has one and they all stink.

Are We the People finished? Have we reached the point of no return? I say no. I say that as long as one person believes in liberty, no matter the price, We the People can, in the long run, reestablish liberty throughout our land. We can return to a limited government wherein we are the boss, not the government. Not the political parties. Not the supporters of the parties. Not political action committees, nor unions, associations or corporations. Just We the People.

While the pen is mightier than the sword, it takes the power of the sword to make the power of the pen work as intended. The only question remaining is, are you prepared to wield a sword, if necessary, or are you just a stinky butt hole?

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