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Sunday, 29 November, 2020

Burger Gate

Date: 05 September, 2018

By: Chief

Imageh my, oh my. Is it true? Could it even be possible? Why yes, yes it is — Burger Gate. Coming to a social media cluster f**k near you. In fact, it has already arrived. Oh, I also have no doubt the California Democratic Party is doing everything possible, which includes crossing everything including their eyes, for Burger Gate to go away. Quickly, quietly and with a minimum of pain (for them). Hopefully, and "With a little bit of luck" (My Fair Lady) all the other California political parties can keep that from happening while having a field-day at the Democratic party's expense. And I truly hope it is expensive — very expensive.

Open keyboard ... insert both feet - or - draw gun ... shoot both feet

Which is apparently what happened. Journalist Gabe Schneider posted the following on Twitter (quoting Fortune Magazine [online]):

"In-N-Out added a new item to their secret menu. … 3:51 PM - Aug 29, 2018"

"Secret menu?" Really Gabe, how utterly unprofessional of you.

That one itty bitty tweet was followed by this itty bitty supreme act of idiocy less than one day later (quoting Fortune Magazine [online]):

"Et tu In-N-Out? Tens of thousands of dollars donated to the California Republican Party... it's time to #BoycottInNOut - let Trump and his cronies support these creeps... perhaps animal style! … 12:49 AM - Aug 30, 2018 · Los Angeles, CA"

Oh, excuse me, I forgot to mention who the supreme idiot is. Why it is none other than Eric Bauman, the Chairman of the California Democratic Party.

I must say here and now — if a monetary donation from In-N-Out is the biggest thing Chairman Bauman has too whine about then the Republican party just may really clean up at the polls this coming November. Would you care for a little cheese with that ... er ... whine Mr. Chairman? I know, I know, but I just could not resist.

Now it did not take too terribly long for the rabid readers of Twitter to have their:

chain tugged on hard by Bauman's whine. Hence, they sent their own mis-guided (as is the norm) replies. A sort of 'Yesum massa Bauman. Wees agrees wiff u'. So with that said here, for your entertainment, are a couple of the replies (quoting the Sacramento Bee):

"Wow, so we all need to stop eating In-N-Out like yesterday[.]"

"This is going to be the hardest breakup I'll ever have to go through."

Sigh, I just hope the two replier's of the above Tweets have not been able to successfully breed. It would spare us all a great deal of grief and expense.

On the other side of the coin

There is more than just a little bit of truth to the old saw 'what goes around comes around'. Indeed, it would appear California Republicans are already having a good bit of fun at the expense of the California Democratic Party in general and Whiner Bauman specifically. (Quoting the Sacramento Bee):

"Time to go buy a double double animal style," stated Matt Shupe (spokesman for Republican John Cox).

A Twitter user happily wrote (Quoting the Sacramento Bee):

"Wait, does this mean California liberals (basically most of the state) won't eat In-N-Out anymore? Shorter lines?!"

Now that is one happy camper. Maybe more than one good thing might come out of this mess.

Speaking of happy campers the Chairman of the California Republican Party, Mr. Jim Brulte, had this to say (quoting the Sacramento Bee):

"Like many businesses in California, In-N-Out Burger gives to Republicans and Democrats[.]" [ ... ] "If Chairman Bauman is upset about In-N-Out contributions, maybe he should ask the moderate Democrat caucus to give back the money."

Tis a virtuous thought Mr. Chairman. However, I, with grief condign, do not believe the other side has any virtues left.

Finally Mr. John Vigna, California Democratic Party spokesman said this (quoting the Sacramento Bee):

"Chair Bauman's personal tweet reflects his belief that he shouldn't support companies that support the Trump agenda[.]"

How wrong you are Mr. Vigna. As Bauman is "Chair" of the California Democratic Party he thus carries that title 24 hours a day, 7 days per week until he is no longer "Chair." Hence, if you insist upon attempting to come up with an excuse for an act of complete stupidity — at least try and make it a viable excuse. Sheesh.


It is not a very wise move to basically threaten a business which really supports each and every community in which it operates. Quoting Fortune magazine [online]:

"In-N-Out's reputation for fantastic burgers is bolstered by its policy of paying more than minimum wage and offering competitive benefits for fast food workers. While the simple menu offers only burgers, fries and shakes, the chain's secret menu is legendary. Founded in 1948 and still family-owned, In-N-Out only operates in six western states-Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, Texas and Utah but has Colorado in its sights" [emphasis added].

Now I ask you why in the world would any reasonable person desire to try and damage a business like that? It makes no sense whatsoever. Of course Whiner Bauman's rabid twit, or is it tweet, never mind it makes no difference, could not be considered reasonable by any — reasonable stretch of the imagination. Perhaps the California Democratic Party should consider terminating Chairman Bauman's tenure as "Chair." I would consider that a ... reasonable act.

Another little tidbit is simply this whole Burger Gate fiasco could blow up smack dab in the face of the California Democratic Party (CDP). Consider, can the CDP, or any political party for that matter, afford to lose say 50% of the business donations it currently receives? Not without a considerable amount of dieting and belt tightening. Tell you this much — if I owned a business and had been contributing the political party of my choice I would never, as in ever, send the CDP a dime. I would also do everything possible to get other business owners to do the same. A reverse boycott if you like and yes, I would like that. A lot.

Okay, if you read Whiner's ... whine especially this part:

" [ ... ] let Trump and his cronies support these creeps... perhaps animal style!"

Creeps? If you take that single word in context with the rest of Whiner's tweet, what you may have is potentially a series of actions by Bauman which may not be legal. To wit:

Taken altogether does the California Democratic Party really need this many black eyes and all at the same time?

All in all I believe now might just be a really good time for the "Chair" of the California Democratic Party to be told to keep his paws off the keyboard, or, better still, maybe it is time too send the "Chair" to either Goodwill or the nearest dumpster. For its own good of course.

No matter what the final outcome of Burger Gate is the California Democratic Party's:

reputation is now well and truly — trashed. Animal style.

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