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Sunday, 29 November, 2020

Not Again

Date: 05 March, 2017

By: Chief

Imageou know, I am just so sick and tired of:

each of whom just absolutely know what is best for me. Hell's bells, half the time I don't know what is best for me. And I'm ... well, me. Further, if these bloody fools know what is best for me — then — they also know, just ask 'em, what is best for you. That my friends is scary. Bounders.

Attacking the drug du jour

If the drug is an opioid or a synthetic derivative of our lovely poppy — off with its head. Now I shall not bother to argue that opioid's, of any flavor and strength, shall, and let me repeat that, shall leave the user A-D-D-I-C-T-E-D. Opioids are extremely powerful waumpum (medicine in this case). Period.

Believe it or not it is various state lawmakers — not federales, this time, — who are raising the battle flags and charging off to war in which the main casualty shall be those of us who need the damned drugs. Hence, the law of unintended consequences raises its very ugly head and when that happens you can pretty well bet the beer money that bad things are in store for We the People. It never fails.

Shootout in the legislature

The entire reason for this latest shootout is simply because some politicians kids got themselves addicted to prescription painkillers and simply could not get off them. As such when the prescription ran dry and the doctor refused to write another script the kids moved on to the street version. Most ended up using heroin. Some ended up in jail or prison and some ended up in the grave. Quoting the Kob online news:

"A Minnesota state senator whose daughter died of a heroin overdose in a Burger King parking lot - a friend hid the needles instead of calling for help - spearheaded a law that grants immunity to 911 callers. In Wisconsin, a state representative has introduced more than a dozen opioid-related bills in the years since his daughter went from painkillers to heroin to prison. A Pennsylvania lawmaker whose son is a recovering heroin addict championed a state law that expanded availability of an antidote that can reverse an overdose.

" 'We're all here because we have this empty void in our lives'," said Minnesota state Rep. Dave Baker, whose son started out taking prescription drugs for back pain and died of a heroin overdose in 2011."

I do know all too well what exactly it is like too lose a loved one. It is a horror that is both indescribable and simultaneously incomprehensible. However, these damned politicians have decided to make the rest of us suffer because their son or daughter is:

all courtesy of an opioid.

This does not mean that kids and only kids get hooked. Not at all. Adults get hooked just as easily. Quoting Kob:

"[ . . .] New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has devoted his final year in office to curbing his state's rapidly growing heroin and prescription drug epidemic, citing the case of a friend from law school who was found dead with a painkiller bottle at his side.

[. . .]

" 'I sat at his funeral with our friends and helplessly watched his family grieve. I thought to myself, 'There but for the grace of God go I'," Christie said. 'It can happen to anyone'."

Yes governor, it can.

The governor's solution was to (quoting Kob):

"[. . .] Christie called for such measures as a five-day limit for first-time opioid prescriptions and a requirement that insurance cover six months of substance abuse treatment. Last week, he signed them into law."

Brilliant. Now the governor of New Jersey is a medical doctor. But by God, he knows what is best for the rest of us. Unbelievable.


Regrettably, I have been using opioids on and off since I pretty severely injured my spine in 1977. I have been using them full time since 2005. Believe me, it ain't fun and it ain't nice. It is, for me anyway, a necessity and has been for a very long time. It is the only thing that works. I also take SAMe, a natural for my arthritic knees (it is the closest thing to an actual miracle that I can think of). However, I digress.

Though I am addicted, and make no mistake I am thoroughly addicted, the funny thing is — I have yet to 'graduate' to heroin. Additionally I have not landed in either a state or federale run cross bars bed and breakfast. Nor have I put myself into the grave (that shall happen on its own ... sooner or later).

So, as you just have read I do not need a governor or a legislature mandating by act of law what is best for me. I can muddle along just fine on my very own. Thank you very much you political bone heads.

In short, government, stay out of my medicine cabinet and my life.

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