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Friday, 27 November, 2020

The Pain of Death

Date: 17 February, 2017

By: Chief

Imagehave got to tell y'all something, especially now that I am very much in the process of going through it. When a person dies the pain of that person's death is very much like a loop on a lariat. If it is thrown flat that loop can encompass all who are within its path. This can mean the:

Hence, a whole lotta people actually and literally 'feel the pain' of one person's death. About the only time this situation does not hold true is if Joe or Josephine dying person is a complete and total hermit.


When my wonderful, wonderful Sweetie passed away on 21 January, 2017 I was absolutely astounded by the number of people, within our small town, who actually came up to me and wished to express their condolences about my loss. No, that is not completely correct, my loss and the loss to our community. There you have it. That is correct.

Hearing these folks elaborate about Sweetie, her strengths and her character, really and I do mean really, brought out a huge smile on my face when before hand all I had was tears and lots of them streaming down my face. It was great to hear. Indeed, it was wonderful. These people were neither friends or members of the family. They are however members of our community and as such are very proud of our town and our people. After all, it is the people which make a town great of terrible. Ours, as you can tell, is great!

Cashing in the chips

Now this is probably going to sound crude or uncaring or thoughtless or something similar. It is in no way meant too. But when Joe or Josephine dying person actually cashes in his or her chips — as we all shall do — Joe or Josephine's (now deceased) problems are all over. They are fully solved. On the other hand for the surviving spouse or immediate family of Joe or Josephine their problems or responsibilities, call it whatever you so desire, have now multiplied.

Until you have the utter misfortune to go through this process you have no idea how many different people, all employed by government in one form or another, are absolutely interested in the passing of Joe or Josephine deceased person. Organizations such as the:

I have great faith there are quite a few more but you get the gist of what I am saying.

Now, there is another list — a list which has nothing to do with government. The private sector list. This list is dependent upon where Joe or Josephine had lived and varies tremendously based upon Joe or Josephine's former life style and income. This list includes, but is not limited to the:

Rather daunting — no? Oh yes indeed it is very daunting. And as with the government list I am equally sure this private sector list is not at all complete.

The deal is this — basically if there is some kind of number attached to either Joe or Josephine, now deceased, and it need not be a dollar sign number — that number has to be completed. To put it another way that number, that account, must be fully closed out. This process can take anywhere from a few minutes to several years to fully complete. It is disgusting.

If by chance you are a teetotaler, by the time you are done with the process or pain of death, you may have just become a full fledged lush. I thought I would throw that happy thought in, you know — just because.

It ain't cheap

Death costs. Indeed, it can cost a bundle. A bare bones (no pun intended) cremation here in Southeast New Mexico will set you back a minimum of 2,300.00 greenbacks. That includes getting the ashes handed back to you in a plastic bag which is stuffed inside a rather small cardboard box. Urns can cost — well the sky is the limit. I have no idea whatsoever the cost of a full fledged funeral complete with a one time, one way, ride in a hearse might be. I am sure of one thing — the cost is far too much.

Keep in mind funeral homes operate under law and are, as I understand it, a statutory monopoly. Hence, the cost of one could be as much as the public is willing to bear.


This story just gives you an overview of what can happen. Each state has its own laws and regulations. So too does the federales. Things can vary between adjoining counties. To be sure, the pain of death can come from several different directions and none shall be particularly pleasant. Yet all you can do is buckle up your chinstrap, keep your head down and your fingers crossed. For eventually it too shall pass.

Lastly, don't die. You might not be able to afford it.

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