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Sunday, 29 November, 2020

Oh Happy Day (Final part of two)

Date: 15 January, 2016

By: Chief

To read part one.

Imagend welcome back. Picking up where we left off —

Okay, since it seems we are on a roll here is another one for you. Apparently 'Greedy' paid about $2 million for the only copy of an album by "Wu Tang Clan" (whatever that is). Quoting Heavy:

"Shkreli said in a recent interview with Hip Hop Dx, 'I'm not going to play it for no reason. If Taylor Swift wants to come over and suck my d**k, I'll play it for her'."

Hey girls, now isn't that just the kind of guy you want to take home and introduce to your mother and father? Probably — but only if dad has a good old double barrel 12 bore shotgun and really knows how to use it (rock salt does hurt but you won't die ... until daddy reloads with buckshot).

'Greedy' even went so far as to offer his ex-girl friend ten thousand dollars to perform oral sex on her. She said no. Here is the link to the story at Dead State. I wonder if that could be criminal solicitation?

I don't want to forget Retrophin Inc. either. 'Greedy' founded it 2011 and was fired from it in 2014. Quoting Wikipedia:

"Retrophin's Board decided to replace Shkreli in September 2014, and he resigned from the company the following month.

"After his departure, Retrophin filed a US $65 million lawsuit against Shkreli in August 2015, claiming he breached his duty of loyalty to the biopharmaceutical company in a long-running dispute over his use of company funds, and alleging that he 'committed stock-trading irregularities and other violations of securities rules'. The lawsuit includes the claim that Shkreli threatened and harassed a former MSMB employee and his family. Shkreli and some of his business associates have been under criminal investigation by the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York since January 2015 with respect to their Retrophin activities, and Shkreli has invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination in order to avoid testifying during civil depositions."

I think it is safe to say that 'Greedy' has absolutely zero redeeming qualities.

An ugly evil little creature

As we all know from the historical as well as the public record most of the folks who work in the securities industry are completely:

Not exactly the pillars of society. However, they pale in comparison to Martin Shkreli. Quoting Wikipedia:

"In 2011, Shkreli filed requests with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to reject a new cancer diagnostic device from Navidea Biopharmaceuticals and an inhalable insulin therapy from MannKind Corporation while publicly short-selling both companies' stocks, the values of which dropped after Shkreli's interventions; the companies had difficulty launching the products as a result, although the FDA ultimately approved both therapies."

Hence Shkreli deliberately and with malice aforethought attempted to, and to some degree, succeeded in sabotaging:

and their potentially life saving diagnostic equipment and medication. That action is not just:

It is in point of fact murderously evil. And it was planned and executed by an ugly, evil little man named Martin 'Greedy' Shkreli.

It is criminal

We do not have to like it one little bit but conduct such as 'Greedy's' is criminal. And I am not just talking about securities fraud. That is merely gilding the lily. I am discussing murder. Yes, that is what Martin 'Greedy' Shkreli was attempting when he was busted by the FBI. Anytime someone — willfully — and in cold blood attempts the destruction (sabotage) of a company(s) or a company's product(s), which are strictly for medical purposes, in order to buy them out cheaply and subsequently sell them at a huge profit for himself that is murder should an innocent person perish.

I most certainly believe the full weight, which is considerable, of the FBI should be brought against 'Greedy' and his former attorney Greebel by investigating any potential deaths by people who might have been using or were anticipating the use of this equipment and medication which was delayed for quite some time all courtesy of Martin 'Greedy' Shkreli and lawyer.

You know I sort of get the feeling that the former lawyer might be just the one to perform a little arm twisting on. Lawyers tend to be a very weak link in any chain. Face it, until Martin 'Greedy' Shkreli showed up on the radar just a few short month ago — everybody hated lawyers. And with very good reason. Hence if I was 'Greedy' I would definitely be worried about whether or not Greebel would 'roll over' on 'Greedy.' I suspect that Greebel just might do exactly that. Oh that could be bloody wonderful. Oh happy day.


Yes, Martin 'Greedy' Shkreli faces upwards of twenty years in some federal cross bars bed and breakfast. I just hope he gets every minute of it and in a United States Penitentiary. A gen-u-wine federal prison. Hopefully he will become intimately acquainted with a sledge hammer and big rocks. Turning big rocks into talcum powder does indeed build muscle but it also becomes boring day after day after day. Hmmm, I just had a thought — if convicted, I wonder how 'Greedy' will look in stripes?

And if 'Greedy' doesn't like it — he can always turn to his pal, maybe his future cell mate, his former lawyer Evan Greebel for advice. Oh, 'Greedy' you may want to keep that '. . . most eligible bachelor' thing quiet around the other inmates. But[t] . . . oh happy day.

In closing I think KoKo's (Lord High Executioner) "little list" statement (Gilbert and Sullivan's The Mikado) sums it up best:

"If I should ever be called upon to act professionally, I am happy to think that there will be no difficulty in finding plenty of people whose loss will be a distinct gain to society at large."

There's looking at ya 'Greedy'. Oh happy day.

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