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Friday, 27 November, 2020

Who Dun It (Final part of two)?

Date: 15 December, 2015

By: Chief

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Imageello all and welcome back. Okay, picking up where we left off —

World Trade Center

A-hah. Now we get to the part of the story conspiracy theorist's love to point all those sticky fingers at. The fly in the ointment if you will. The —

'Try to talk your way out of this one boy. We got you hog tied and didn't even have to use a piggin' string to do it. Ha!'

So I sayeth unto the confused and the disbelievers:

'Verily I say unto you — Beware of those who attempt to seduce ye to the dark side by jumping to conclusions. Know that they should have stayed awake during seventh grade physics and ninth grade chemistry classes. Know that for they who jump to conclusions it is far to late to seek forgiveness by going to night school. Know ye the disbelievers have lept from the high dive full of glee and false confidence only to realize — the pool had been drained. So sayeth me.'

World Trade Center building 7 (WTC 7) did crumble and collapse within its own foot print. This was due to the engineering, architecture and metallurgy at the time. Fiery debris from the two main buildings hit WTC 7 and caused numerous low story fires (which burned for several hours and possibly weakened load bearing column(s)) — along with, I believe though I have no evidence [other than Newton's universal laws of gravity, law 3 — for every action there shall be an equal yet opposite reaction — energy must be dissipated], shock damage from the explosions of the aircraft and fuel load impacting the towers and exploding. I believe there was an elevated walkway connecting WTC 7 to the WTC plaza and there were two walkways which connected the WTC complex to WTC 7 at the third floor level. Again, shock and vibration damage could weaken load bearing column(s). Also when the "twin towers" collapsed there had to be a tremendous amount of shock and vibration, AKA — energy released by the collapsing buildings. Imagine the twin towers falling at a rate of 16 feet per second squared (or terminal velocity 120mph). That is a massive amount of weight moving very rapidly and impacting the ground. The amount of shock and vibration caused by the collapse of the towers must have been staggering. That may have contributed to the demise of WTC 7. Some say nay. Factually I am not so sure we shall ever know.

There was also a power sub-station located beneath WTC 7 and the sub-station's foundation was not designed to handle the weight of a building exceeding 20 - 30 stories. WTC 7 was 47 stories tall. It also housed electrical transformers and emergency diesel generators some where between the 4th and the 7th floor with diesel fuel being pumped up to the generators from a below ground storage tank(s).

Due to the sheer size and weight of WTC 7 a series of "transfer trusses" were used between floors 5 - 7 to redistribute the load to the foundation. How well did these trusses work? The building was opened in 1987 and lasted until the late afternoon of 9/11.

One thing that did catch my attention was the fire pressure to WTC 7 was either low or non-existent at least during some part of that infamous day. Why that was or when pressure was reduced/lost I have been unable to find out. Indeed, the entire sprinkle system, from what I have read, was very poorly designed and apparently never upgraded or at the least ... fixed. Once again why? I do not know. I have no doubt the system did comply with local, state and federal regulations. Not to mention insurance company requirements.

Heat is a great equalizer. Heat, when properly applied to the proper materials, can make a metal incredibly strong. Heat can also turn incredibly strong metal into a pool of molten liquid. Not even strong enough to withstand it's own weight. Thus, intense heat initially confined to a semi-small space, say 10 floors of either of the twin towers just might be more than enough to weaken the load bearing members and cause the floors above the inferno (heat rises) to collapse onto the burning floors thereby making them heavier than the load bearing columns could support. Hence down they come. And they did.

We also need to remember the 9/11 attack was not the first one against the WTC. The first one was in 1993. A Ryder truck filled with 1,500 pounds of dago-booms (What do they do? Da-go-boom) was detonated in the underground garage of WTC tower 1. It did a lot of damage but the tower did not fall as it was expected to.

People learn. Groups learn. As did al-Qaeda. Core al-Qaeda was filled with university graduates holding all different kinds of degrees. So were the young men undergoing training at the various camps. UBL had a degree in public administration. It would not surprise me at all if some of the members held various types of engineering degrees (as a matter of fact Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) had a BS in mechanical engineering). Or, if members had brothers, sisters, etc., who were not members but had the necessary degrees. It would not take a technologically savvy country such as Israel to figure out how to take down the WTC. Not at all. We have a real bad habit of underestimating others. Especially others who dress different than we do and have vastly differently beliefs. Israel has the exact same problem. I honestly think Dr. Sabrosky really believes Arabs are dumber than a box of rocks. He came quite close to actually saying it. In my opinion, some of his facial expressions did.

Back to Israel (yahoo)

Israel is their own worst enemy. They cannot keep a secret to save their very own souls. Dimona, the uranium ship, the Meir/Nixon accord, our direct participation (intelligence gathering and providing same to Israel among other things) in both the 1967 and 1973 wars, were all very secret — officially. Yet each and everyone of them made the papers and not so long after the events occurred. Hence, trying to keep that (9/11) a secret is difficult for me to accept, though I suppose it is possible.

But, to me anyway, the biggest question is why? What did Israel stand to gain? Since the Camp David Accords we have been flying reconnaissance aircraft over the area on a regular basis (though I do not know if that is still on going). The film is developed and given to both Israel and Egypt. So basically all sides know what all sides are up to.

Furthermore, since the end of the 1973 war, with the exception of the annual Arab spring fights, Israel has been on top of the heap courtesy of the U.S. And they still are. Therefore, Israel has no logical reason to commit to a plan, let alone actually committing the horrific act which — if they were caught — would completely kill off the relationship with their cash cow — us. It also just might kill off the State of Israel. It most certainly would lead to additional violence against Israel and could lead to an all out war in the Middle East. And that is something no one wants. Including Israel.

On the flip side of that coin, I could potentially see Israel attempting doing the dirty deed if and only if Israel was about to go under. This would also create a smoke and mirror game allowing Israel to:

But only if Israel did not get caught. At the same time, to prevent a potential nuclear Armageddon I believe that the U.S., with the absolute cooperation of Russia, France or maybe even India would state to Israel:

'Back off kid or we'll blow you to Mars'.

Or words to that effect. Yes, I could see us vaporizing Israel to save the Middle East and possibly the rest of the world from nuclear destruction along with the energy supplies we so desperately require.

Israel also has a habit of being an instigator and a bully but when they come to the realization they screwed up they come running and hide behind Uncle Sam. What Israel may not realize is there is a limit, a line which they had better not cross over because if they do — all bets are off and they will be on their very own.


In the end I suspect Dr. Sabrosky was kinda 'testing the waters', maybe for a new book, speaking engagements, etc., or maybe just to get some face time on TV. Am I correct? I hope not. But otherwise why else would he do what he did? Only he knows the answer to that.

So there you have it. My own gen-u-wine 'why Israel did not pull off 9/11' theory. Who actually dun it? Factually — 19 religious zealots or fanatics. Call them what you will. They won't mind. They are all dead.

If our federale government has direct evidence or better yet actual fact (now wouldn't that be refreshing) pertaining to who:

in order to precipitate the attack of 11 September, 2001, then by God they had best release it and release it real soon now (rsn). But until that occurs, if ever, anything else is pure speculation.

Skepticism — never leave home without it.

Merry Christmas.

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