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Wednesday, 25 November, 2020

Oh No They Are at it Again

Date: 02 August, 2015

By: Chief

Imageey-rist. And just when I thought it would be a quite year. I expected things to heat up around the end of the year — an election year is soon upon us you know. But I absolutely did not expect an uproar this early. And all over a lion. Sheesh.

Cecil the rug

AKA Cecil the late, now lamented, lion. As usual it appears to be the same three groups who are doing all of the caterwauling. The:

I tell you what, this incident even has the smell of rotted garbage ... er ... politics getting ready for a real slug fest beginning early next year. Though I must admit it would be oh so refreshing if the shills, self righteous do-gooders and the common idiots knew what they were ranting about. However, it seems that I cannot have everything I want. Bummer.

For those unaware and it appears a great many are, safaris are not cheap. Furthermore lion tags are extraordinarily expensive. Not quite as much as a rhino tag and certainly not as much as an elephant tag but nonetheless — damned expensive. Additionally most safari outfitters will not even entertain a lion hunt unless the client is taking at least a three week long safari. That, my friends, is not only a long time to be away from home and business, it is also, at a minimum, about 35,000 greenbacks now missing from Joe Hunter's bank account. There maybe other fees on top of that.

Oh, do not think for a moment that Joe Hunter, the client, complete with rifle and pith helmet in hand, just hops on an airplane, flies to Africa, rents a Land Rover and drives out into the bush to pop himself a record breaking Simba. No. It doesn't happen like that. Not even.

Each African country in the safari business has sections of land 'roped' off, if you will, as "concession" land. These concessions, and they are huge, are leased to outfitters and safari companies. It is an outfitter or safari company which each and every Joe Hunter not only goes through but hires. These companies assign a "professional hunter" or PH or "white hunter" to each Joe Hunter. Although in some cases more than one Joe Hunter can be assigned to a single PH. Bear firmly in mind there is a limit. Period.

These leased concessions just maybe right next to a game preserve. There are no signs. The Professional Hunter is normally quite astute at reading a map. The same cannot be said of Simba. Thus, if Simba takes a stroll after his postprandial nap from his lunch of Zebra and his stroll places him on the wrong side of a line on some map — well guess what? Simba is a legal target. Whether you like it or not. Period. Thus, quit your whining.

I believe a quick word is in order on a subject near and dear to our hearts — baits and baiting. Have you ever been fishing? Same concept. Nuff said.

These professional hunters are licensed in each country they operate in. Each PH is responsible for each and every thing which occurs during Joe Hunter's safari. Which includes finding and getting Joe Hunter into a position so that he can take a shot at a Simba.

You see, African governments are extremely sensitive to criticism of any kind and will yank a PH's license faster than the taking of Little Susie's virginity. African governments make a financial 'killing', oh yes - pun definitely intended, on each and every safari. Hence anything which impinges on said money making machine shall be dealt with quickly and severely. These governments do just that — every year.

Ah, let me not forget this rather important tidbit — each PH has a field staff which accompanies the PH and Joe Hunter. Normally this entourage will include:

as the Professional may consider necessary on a day-by-day basis. Therefore, as I stated earlier, it is the PH, the professional hunter who is responsible for the conduct of a safari.

So, shills, self righteous do-gooders and common idiots, quit your whining.

What about you

That's right. Just what about you? You:

Just how many animals have each of you killed? No, I am not talking about the animals you eat for dinner or the animals you run over every day with your SUV because you are too busy jaw jacking on your cell phone. Nope. None of those.

Oh, none you say. Well guess what boys and girls — I call each and everyone of you a liar. Because that is exactly what each and everyone of you are — liars. Yes, this includes the fools known as vegetable-terrorists. Or as the Indians call them — lousy hunters.

Just by your mere existence you kill. How many millions of sections (640 square acres equals one section or one square mile take your pick) of wild land has been put to plow to create food for you eat or for livestock to consume and then for you to eat? How many millions of sections of wild land has been fenced for livestock grazing? How many millions of sections of wild land have been put to the blade for roads which take you from home to work to home? How many millions of sections of wild land have been put to the blade to build a new mall you just must have? How many millions of sections of wild land have become factories? How many millions of sections of wild land have been turned to orchards and then to, no joke, what is now called Silicon Valley? How many rivers and streams have either been dammed up or run through conduit underground in order to make more room for buildings, roads and people? Huh? Come on you:

How many millions of sections of wild land has been destroyed to make you happy in your little corner of Urbana or Suburbia? Just how many millions of game animals are dead because of you?

I don't know that answer but this much I do know — the number is incredibly high and all have been killed by:

Who simply do not think. Or are not capable of thinking. They would rather rant.

Remember the old saw about stones and glass houses? Well it holds true in spades for them.

Do something constructive

Now there is a radical idea. All of you whiners can do something which would help game animals. But what might that be? Ah, how about whining about poachers. And not the dirt poor Africans attempting to scrape out a living. No. Go after Mr. Big. The scum who buy the Elephant ivory or the dirt balls who buy the Rhino horn. There is quite a market for both items. Whine about them. They, not the legitimate hunter, are the ones who are turning the Rhino into an extinct species.

The same hold true for Elephant. Yes old Jumbo himself. Courtesy of poachers who kill large numbers of Jumbos to sell the ivory commercially, the African Elephant is slowly changing. A great number of Elephants no longer possess ivory. These are called Tondos or tuskless Elephants. No Joe Hunter worth his 458 Winchester Magnum is going to spend the tens of thousands of dollars necessary to begin an Elephant hunt that may produce an Elephant which is not only not long in the tooth but doesn't have any to begin with. Insane.

In other words — the Tondos population is on the rise and wiping out hundreds of square miles of game supporting habitat each year while the true Elephant population (with the nice curved sap stained ivory) is on a steep decline. All courtesy of poachers.


If you insist upon running your yap in over-drive then please do some good with the bile you are vomiting and aim it dead square at the poachers. They have earned your anger. And leave us legitimate hunters alone.


I hunt. I'm proud of that fact. Yes, I have killed game animals. I have the antlers and hides to prove it. Furthermore, I keep our freezers full and my family fed. Also I have never taken a shot which I thought I might not make. And yes, I have on occasion come home with an empty bag. It happens sometimes and that is okay with me. There is always another time.

For those of you who do not hunt but complain, whine and rant about those of us who do, keep this in mind — y'all have killed more game than I or any other successful hunter ever have or ever will.

Finally — don't rant with your mouth full.

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