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Friday, 04 December, 2020

Hate Is. . .

Date: 02 April, 2015

By: Chief

Imagebhorrent. It is also ignorant. And ignorance does have a price. A price for which we all end up paying. Lastly it smells like rotted garbage which follows the ignoramus where ever he or she goes. At least we can smell them coming (if we are down wind of course).

It has also been said many times that the only cure for ignorance is a modified Uzi with an extra long clip. That is wrong. You need two extra long clips. The first one puts the ignoramus in the grave. The second clip — keeps him there. The reason for the extra long clips? Satisfaction.

It still exists

Believe it or not and if you have walked around with your eyes open for oh, let's say no more than 10 or 20 seconds, you should have discovered that a certain form of ignorance is not only surviving — it is thriving. And it is right under your very nose. Bigotry.

That's right. Bigotry. It came as an utter shock to me just the other day (I spend most of my time in my own reality and I really like it there). It really freaked me out. How, for Jesus H. Tap Dancing Christ (thanks John) can there still be in this "enlightened age" such an odious thing as bigotry? How can it still exist? You wouldn't think it could still exist but you would be incredibly wrong. Just as I was. It literally took me hours to get over the shock that bigotry could, and worse, did raise its ugly head at me and laugh. God, reality bites.

It's all around us

Now if it was the good old fashioned white hoods, capes and a burning cross in the front yard well come on now we could attempt to stamp that kind of overt bigotry out fairly quickly. And we did. Decades ago. Or, more truthfully, we thought we did. Actually all we managed to accomplish was to put a few old time KKK'ers in prison and drive the whole hate gig underground. We never did eradicate it. And we never will.

You cannot legislate morality. Yet we keep on trying — and failing. If we could legislate morality there would be no crime. Of any kind. There would also be no:

All crime is a violation of morality. So is bigotry, ignorance and hate. Indeed, it is a violation of our individual honor. It is also a violation of our human essence. Being a human being. It is absolutely as simple as that.

Bigotry, ignorance and hate are just wrong. They always has been wrong. And they always will be wrong.

So what happened

On the eve of Thanksgiving in the year 2012 I died. Literally. I was dead for approximately 5 plus minutes. I had a severe heart attack courtesy of a lung infection. In other words I could not breathe. Hence I panicked (I'd like to see if you don't panic when you cannot breathe and you are on Terra Firma) which caused the heart attack. The EMT's were able to bring me back around on the way to the emergency room but it was a cardiologist who kept me that way.

I came to approximately eleven days later. Talk about a shock attack. Eleven days of my life gone. Though, I must admit, it could have been worse. For about 5 minutes or so in an ambulance — it was.

Five days later, for a grand total of 16 days in the get well quick shop (the hospital), 14 of which were in the intensive care unit I went home. Yahoo! I was never so happy. It was great. It was wonderful. It was out of this world.

Now, the day after Christmas of 2012 (I do know how to pick dates) I was back in the hospital having a "cardiac catheterization," complete with a real time video feed so the same cardiologist could have a real good look see my arteries and heart and determine what was needed to be done. I had no idea what was happening because I was, for the most part, in Never-Never land and quite content.

The upshot of all of this was that nothing else was needed. I had no:

That almost never happens. But in my case it did.

I have continued to see this cardiologist about twice a year. In fact, I just saw him a couple weeks ago and with a tremendous amount of grief it was the last time I will ever see him.

Forced to leave

I had to tell you that story in order to tell you this one. My cardiologist left Roswell, New Mexico for Florida. A military base in fact. Why? Because he could not make a living in Southeast New Mexico. Why is that? He is the wrong color. He is black.

Never mind the fact that he was and/or is:

Additionally, in my opinion, he is an incredibly honorable man. I would have no problem whatsoever serving with him in combat. He is that good.

But ignorance, on the part of some of We the People got involved and that was all she wrote. He could not maintain a practice without a fairly large patient base. So, he has left to serve others and those of us who utilized his services in Southeast New Mexico got screwed in the process. All because of ignorance. All because of hate.

Down the road it will come full circle and some of us shall die because the finest cardiologist West of the Mississippi was forced to leave on account of he could not earn a decent living. All because of ignorance. All because of hate. This really sucks.


So now do you understand when I wrote at the beginning of this story:

"[I]gnorance does have a price. A price which we all end up paying."

It is oh so true. I just hope that it will be the bigots and the ignoramus idiots that die from this. Not some innocent bystander. And let me tell y'all something — if I am one of the people who die, by God, I will come back and haunt the living daylights out of everyone of those ignorant bigots until they die of either fright or sheer exhaustion. They shall be made to pay. And they cannot afford the price of their ignorance or their bigotry or their hate. Not any longer.

Bigotry, ignorance and hate have no place at the table of any honorable human being.

Hence, if you are an ignorant bigot or merely a hateful person, at least have a modicum of decency and leave 'em at home because otherwise — you stink.

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