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Friday, 27 November, 2020

A Problem or a Solution (Final part of two)

Date: 15 January, 2015

By: Chief

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Imageelcome back.

The culprits

There always has to be a bad guy or two lurking around trying to screw up the works and in this particular case there are three:

And all three are equally to blame for this mess we have placed ourselves in.

Organized religions are all over the map in their view of birth control. Most, in whole or in part, are absolutely against artificial contraception. Furthermore these same religions keep pushing the "go forth and multiply" line or gimmick. It is indeed interesting that those who took it upon themselves to be the worlds 'morale authority' are rapidly pushing the worlds population into:

A lovely lot don't you think?

Government, on the other hand, has done its very best to stay out of the over population limelight. Indeed those within the legislative branch have not said a bloody word in decades. In over 40 years — literally.

But what can legislators do? They have the press, the media, at their beckon call. These same dirt balls can hold press conference after press conference in order too accomplish one critically important thing — get the word out.

Then, pray tell, why aren't they? They are scared. They are scared of losing votes. Indeed, they are scared of getting kicked out of office and these bastards will do just about whatever it takes to remain in office. Too keep their insignificant modicum of power. And they will do this at the expense of the human race.

In short — legislators reek of cowardice.

Now We the People of Planet Earth have played a great game of 'Ostrich'. We have buried our head in the sand since the mid nineteenth century. The problem is the game of 'Ostrich' has a very high price. The price is called extinction.

When we were not playing 'Ostrich', our religious leaders would tell us:

'Go forth and multiply. Populate the Earth. Do not use contraceptives. Safe sex is sinful. And remember this above all else — "Every sperm is scared." '

Hence, when we weren't out right ignoring what was going on around us our various religions provided us with an excuse to continue doing what we always have been doing — screwing. And let's face it — we are not going to quit having sex. Safe or otherwise.

The end game

So, what are We the People of Planet Earth going to do? In this regard there are only two answers. Are we going to:

Truthfully I do not see us voluntarily reducing our global population. Since it is a foregone conclusion we are not going to give up sex and even safe sex is not a 100% guarantee that a woman will not become pregnant (see, it is all their fault). The only other option, not counting extinction, that I see is sterility. Gee, isn't this a fun discussion.

Mass sterilization. At least 50% of the world's population has too or must become sterile. No sperm banks either. That would be cheating and cheating is a sin. The question is — how would such an enormous project be handled. Additionally, would the world's population agree to such a thing? I rather doubt it. What of the world's religions? Would religious leaders agree to such a project? Possibly — if it were shown that pain and suffering followed by extinction was the only other option. Religious leaders don't want to lose their power either.

This could not be a one time good deal either. Our population must be permanently reduced by somewhere between half and two thirds its current level. So, once a project such as this kicked off it cannot stop. Isn't that wonderful?

Okay, so are we talking 50% of the worlds male population gets the 'knife to the nuts'. How would the volunteers be chosen? Or would 50% of the worlds female population get their 'tubes tied' (which is not 100% effective either)? How about 25% of the males and 25% of the females get their reproductive organs slashed? Again, how would the volunteers be chosen? More importantly perhaps, how would records be kept (and should they be kept)?

As far as I am concerned this is a catastrophe without peer.

A possible solution

Author Dan Brown, in his latest thriller, Inferno presents this exact problem and a potential solution — permanent DNA modification (sterility) via an airborne virus. The bug wouldn't kill us, indeed, we would not know anything had happened. But a certain percentage of the world's population would be unable to conceive — ever. Add to that natural attrition and our over population shall come to an end. As the virus modifies our DNA it is now a permanent feature of humans, therefore our global population is fixed. Period. Even those people who did not become sterile would be carriers of the virus, thus passing the virus along, generation to generation. This could not occur soon enough to please me.

Without doubt, the sheer beauty of a bug which infects the entire world's population could be developed, tested and subsequently deployed by a very small group of privately funded geneticists working in secret. It is conceivable, though not very likely, that a single geneticist could accomplish this critically important task (as portrayed in the book). When you think about it the solution is perfect because of no:

No one to question or stop the project. Perfect.

The big question is — is their anybody in the whole bloody world bright enough to actually create a virus which would do what Bertrand Zobrist (the main antagonist in Dan Brown's book) virus did? Time is running out folks and we need to come up with a plan and implement it soon or go the way of the dinosaurs.


This isn't a joke either. Like it or not, math does not lie. Once you look at the numbers you shall see We the People of Plant Earth cannot possibly hope to keep on doing what we are doing and survive. It just won't work. It can't.

Here, for any 'Doubting Thomas'es', are two absolutely irrefutable facts. The Earth itself has:

So, there ya go — not enough land. Period. End of story. It's over. The end.

We are rapidly running out of land, arable or otherwise, which also means we are rapidly running out of time so allow me to ask my original question one final time:

A Problem or a Solution. Which are you?

Happy New year.

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