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Tuesday, 01 December, 2020

The Only Difference Between the RNC and the DNC (or, Same Mother, Different Father)

Date: 15 April, 2014

By: Chief

Imageep, the singular difference between the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the Republican National Committee (RNC) is merely that the DNC allows the poor to be as corrupt as the rich and the RNC doesn't. That is it and there ain't no more.

And the Second Amendment?

Ah, that little technicality. The whole reason the DNC hates guns and loves gun control laws is this — the DNC does not want the newly corrupt yet poor members of the DNC to go after the corrupt yet rich members of the DNC and the Democratic Party in general. It's kinda like this:

'Hey guys [to the newly corrupted poor people], we are really glad you have joined us in the absolute corrupt part of the Democratic National Committee and Democratic Party. It's just that ... well ... um ... I suppose it is that we really do not trust you and once you see just how high on the hog we live you newly corrupt yet poor members may not like that and decide to get rid of us. And I'm sure you understand that we would not really like that, after all we are not just corrupt — we are rich. So, no guns for you and please, just go play in the corner and leave the thinking to us. When in doubt remember the rich and corrupt run the show. Besides — y'all smell'.

Well that is my opinion anyway. And my opinion is based upon the way the DNC has acted in the past. Remember the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago? Remember Chicago's mayor the infamous Richard J. Daley? If you do then you get it. If you don't ... well you probably never will get it.

Speaking about the mayor

I do believe a small quote from Wikipedia is in order:

"While many members of Mayor Daley's administration were charged with corruption and convicted, Daley was never formally charged with corruption."

Did you catch that little bitty part? The: "Daley was never formally charged with corruption" part. Oh, you did. Excellent. One has to hand it to him — he was good.

Hizzoner Da Mayor started out as a poor Irishman living in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago's south side. However, not only did he join the Democratic Party (of which he was a life long member), he also joined the corrupt yet poor part of the party. What made Daley different, and different in a very big way, was he did not stay 'corrupt yet poor'. No sir. While he may not have become rich and shameless he most certainly became powerful and shameless. As I'm sure you noticed, some things never change. Once again quoting Wikipedia:

"Daley was instrumental in bringing a narrow 8,000 vote victory in Illinois for John F. Kennedy in 1960. A PBS documentary entitled "Daley" explained that Mayor Daley and JFK potentially stole the 1960 election by stuffing ballot boxes and rigging the vote in Chicago. In addition, it reveals, Daley withheld many votes from certain wards when the race seemed close."

Like father. . .

Not to be outdone son Richard M. Daley was Chicago's mayor for an astounding 22 years. One year longer than dear old dad. He also, along with Mayor Jane Bryne, did his living best for gun control and against the Second Amendment. After the Supreme Court eviscerated Chicago's handgun ban in McDonald v. Chicago, Hizzoner, Da Mayor (Jr.) had this to say (quoting Wikipedia):

"We'll publicly propose a new ordinance very soon...As a city we must continue to stand up ... and fight for a ban on assault weapons ... as well as a crackdown on gun shops ... We are a country of laws not a nation of guns."

A few days later (quoting Wikipedia):

"Daley called a special meeting of the City Council for four days later, and the Council approved a gun control ordinance revised to include City firearms licenses."

Uh, Mr. Mayor, just in case you either cannot or will not read the United States is a nation of individual rights with laws in place (purportedly) to support and defend those individual rights.

Furthermore, in case you are unaware of this, a "license" for something — anything makes the ownership of said something, including a gun, a privilege — not a right. Hizzoner da Mayor is nothing more than a dirt bag extraordinaire.

If you haven't read the Wikipedia article on him I suggest you do so. It makes for unbelievable reading. I'm not kidding. What dad didn't do — son appears to have done, in spades. Incredible. Absolutely incredible. And not in a good way either.

But, as you have read the Democratic machine accomplished its mission. Bring in the poor, allow them to join the corrupt yet poor section of this Democratic beast and all the while steal their rights from them — 'it's for your own good' — and keeping the corrupt yet rich:

in control and in charge.


I leave you with this little jewel known as the "clout cafe" deal (quoting Wikipedia):

"Deposed in August, 2013 in Mayor Rahm Emanuel's administration's lawsuit to renegotiate the contract, former Mayor Daley responded 'I don't recall' 139 times."

Only in America.

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