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Tuesday, 24 November, 2020

A Win by Any Other Name

Date: 15 March, 2014

By: Chief

Imagehe Second Amendment is still alive and kicking. Like it or not. And there are some who don't like it. Even perhaps a majority of We the People. But that is okay — someday they might actually be grateful for the victory. Though I doubt it.

The chicken or the egg

You know that old expression — which came first the chicken or the egg? Well, here is a twist on that:

Which kills more innocent people the gun or the car?

Think about it. Truly it is important. And I really don't give a whit if you classify drunk drivers as reckless or not. Believe me there is a reason I bring this up and I'll tell y'all about it in a bit. But, here are a couple of statistics for you to mull over:

Too make it short and sweet (or sour depending upon your perspective) the drunks killed in excess of three times the number of innocent people as guns did. And the reckless drivers (which includes the frigging drunks) kill over TEN times the number of innocent people that guns have.

However, apparently killing innocent people via your neighborhood soccer mom's mini van - oh, excuse me, the mini van has become passe — now it is the enormous, gas guzzling SUV - is somehow okay. While killing a single innocent person with a gun is not.

Why is that

Really. Just why is that? How many soccer moms have been:

for killing an innocent person. The answer should horrify you — almost zero. The reason the number is not absolutely zero is some of the soccer moms have been busted for drunk driving. Other than that no soccer moms have ended up in the cross bar bed and breakfast for killing an innocent person with a vehicle. Indeed, most of the time our intrepid murderess, also known as a soccer mom, ends up receiving a traffic ticket and a scolding from a judge and that is that. Period.

At the same time have you ever heard of any kind of 'vehicle control legislation'? I sure haven't and I'll bet that neither have you.

Yet someone kills an innocent person with a gun and the next thing you know the story is all over the country and people are jumping up and down screaming for gun control laws. Yet over TEN times the number are killed by reckless drivers. But that story doesn't make it across the street — let alone across the nation. So why? Please tell me why is that? The silence is deafening.

Vehicle control laws

I submit that before we even consider any more gun control laws We the People must vigorously demand of our legislators to enact:

in an effort to reduce the carnage on our public streets and highways. We desperately need vehicle control laws to keep those wild and woolly soccer moms off the streets and to keep us safe. Only Uncle Sam can do that.

Enough already

God, that was enough to make a buzzard wretch. Darned sure caused me too lose me lunch. However, I think you get the idea. Cars do not kill people anymore than guns kill people. See, told you I'd bring it up.

People kill people.

It has always been that way and I see no abatement of that in the future. 'Tis a pretty sorry statement pertaining to We the People but — deal with it.

So the next time you hear or see some schmuck espousing the virtues of gun control laws — do us all a huge favor — run him over with your SUV.

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