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Sunday, 29 November, 2020

Time for Another Dose of Attitude Adjustment

Date: 15 February, 2014

By: Chief

Imageave you ever heard of the nationwide pharmacy chain called "Walgreens?" And of course their famous or infamous (dependent upon your individual point of view) slogan:

"Well trusted since 1901."

Well they may have been trusted back in 1901 but in 2014 you, as a potential customer might seriously want to reconsider that. And if you live in Roswell, New Mexico which regrettably has not one but two of the blasted stores you really need to rethink where you want to go and do pharmacy business.

Customer non-service

The main problem at the "North" Roswell store is simply a classic case of 'fuck' the customer. It is that simple. Here is a perfect example:

Went to pharmacy on a Sunday as my normal local pharmacy was closed for the weekend (they are superb by the way, so very typical of a small business). Had the Walgreens person do a partial fill on the script because I would have it transfered to my local pharmacy the following day (Monday).

The Walgreens person told me it would be around a 15 - 20 minute wait. I was the only person in the bloody pharmacy, hence why it would take 15 - 20 minutes to count 40 pills I simply do not understand and never have. But I digress.

However, it was finally over and I reluctantly paid the bill and headed for home.

The very next day, Monday, how about that, I called my pharmacy, gave them all the information I had, told them I would be in later in the afternoon to pick up the script. No problem whatsoever. Oh, did I mention that when I called my local pharmacy within 4 rings or less the phone was answered by a gen-u-wine, helpful and courteous human being? Oh, I didn't? Well now I did.

Anyway my wife and I arrived at our local pharmacy, we went in and my script wasn't done. I couldn't believe it and I was not at all pleased.

The owner of the store himself told us that he had been on the phone to Walgreens a total of three times and automatically placed on hold for upwards of 20 - 25 minutes each and every time. He never did speak with the Walgreens pharmacist as required by law or regulation. He never spoke to anybody.

So the wife and I head over to Walgreens in a hurry. I have now gone from "not at all pleased" to downright pissed off (a dangerous situation to be in for those who pissed me off).

Upon arrival at the North Walgreens my wife went straight up to the 'turn in' window and proceeded to tell the little twirp (that is being extremely polite toward him and far politer than he was to us) the situation and he finally got around to typing something into a computer terminal and then stated "I've passed it to the pharmacist" in a real snotty voice, turned around and left. Not a good idea.

My wife now went to find and if need be cage the Walgreen's pharmacist while I went to find the Walgreen's store manager. My wife was able to get the pharmacist off her dead butt (with some apparent vocal heavy lifting) and the twit did finally place the needed phone call to our pharmacy (something which should have taken less than 1 minute ended up taking between 5 - 10 minutes. The Walgreen's pharmacist took these actions with the attitude of a Sloth who had recently received a frontal lobotomy.

I found the Walgreen's assistant store manager, the actual store manager was not on the premises. I told her in no uncertain terms the problems with the pharmacy and basically all she did was — nothing. No joke, the worthless wench did nothing. Oh, she did complain that my voice was too loud for her. To me, she actually looked as though she was stoned out of her mind.

After several minutes of going ballistic because it was the only way to get these fools to take the needed action — place a single telephone call to our local pharmacist — we were finally told by the pharmacist "it's over there." That was it. No apology, no nothing.

By the time we got back to our local pharmacy, which took us all of 10 minutes, my script was already filled. Wow, what a difference. I have said it so many, many times — you simply cannot beat a local business.

Believe me when I say this — we are not the only people who have noticed Walgreens employee's real crappy attitude. In fact a cashier at our local grocery store, that very same day, told us how "awful" Walgreens is. No kidding — we have noticed and, I suspect, others have as well.

Corporate culture in disarray

Why such a piss poor attitute? I would look at the corporation first and see what that looks like.

Truth be told it does not look too good once you look at their "consumer record" and that little RICO suit against Walgreens. Quoting Wikipedia:

"The lawsuit alleges drugstore chain Walgreen and generic pharmaceutical maker Par (or perhaps Sub-Par?) established a partnership in which Par manufactured and/or marketed generic versions of antacid Zantac and antidepressant Prozac in dosage forms that weren't subject to private and governmental reimbursement limitations.

"It further said Walgreen purchased those dosage forms from Par at a cost substantially higher than the widely prescribed dosage forms, and then 'systematically and unlawfully filled its customers' prescriptions with Par's more expensive products, rather than the inexpensive dosage forms that were prescribed by physicians'."

How many corporations do you know of that are sued for violating Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO). Not off to a good start are they? But have faith, there is more (quoting Wikipedia):

"Walgreens was accused of switching the dosage forms on three medications commonly prescribed for Medicaid patients without doctor approvals in order to boost profits. This resulted in Medicaid programs nationwide paying much more for the medications than they normally would have, according to a press release by the [Tennessee] attorney general's office. Walgreen Co. agreed to comply with state and federal laws on the matter, plus pay $35 million to the federal government, 42 states and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico."

How about just one more? I knew you would agree (quoting Wikipedia):

"In September 2011, Walgreens settled a lawsuit with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission which claimed that a store improperly terminated a worker with diabetes for eating a package of the store's food while working to stop a hypoglycemia attack."

Hypoglycemia is when your blood sugar drops to dangerously low levels. It can and has killed people in a matter of minutes. Not at all good clean fun. Eating food containing sugar brings blood sugar levels back up.

You know, it seems too me that it seems to be that Walgreens thinks it is above the law and should be able to do as it so sees fit. They certainly are the largest pharmacy chain in the U.S. with 8,678 stores. And its total revenue for 2012 was a whopping $71,633 billion. Yes, that is with a "B."


Walgreens has grown far, far too big for their britches and needs to be slapped completely out of existence. They just need to disappear. Completely and painfully. Especially the North store in Roswell.

We can all live quite happily without them. We have for centuries.

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