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Tuesday, 01 December, 2020

Tis the Season ... of Violence

Date: 01 January, 2014

By: Chief

Imagehristmas — the supposed time of the year to celebrate:

While I have no problems whatsoever with those three noble ideas or goals, it appears that here in the U.S.A., people have clearly forgotten what the Christmas season is all about.

Black Friday

As an aside, if you really want to know where the phrase "Black Friday" originated — Wikipedia can answer that very sordid question.

Apparently the Christmas season now officially starts at one minute past midnight the Friday morning after Thanksgiving. That is when all the major and most of the minor retail stores change out price tags and open up for the busiest shopping day of the entire bloody year. And bloody it is. According to the New York Post it's:

"Welcome to Brawl-Mart.

"Mayhem erupted at big-box stores across the USA as frenzied shoppers vying for holiday deals turned on each other and resorted to violence to get their goods.

"Reports of retail assaults, shootings and arrests piled up so fast that by Thursday night, Black Friday already had a trending Twitter hashtag: WalmartFights."

Hence my use of the word "bloody" was quite apropos. But that is not only the tip of the iceberg — this iceberg goes back a few decades. Black Friday should be called that not for the retail profits made, oh no, but for the black eyes, busted faces and, yes, deaths caused by greed. Greed on the part of:

So with that said let us take a look at some of the sickening things We the People have done over the Christmas season — the season of giving no less — in order to satisfy the greed of our loved ones. Those who just could not do without the:

Starting with the New York Post:

"Adding to the insanity, a Wal-Mart in White Plains was hit with a phony bomb threat on Friday afternoon. Two anonymous bomb-scare calls to the store on Main Street at about 12:30 p.m. prompted a full evacuation, and police used bomb-sniffing dogs to sweep the property, said White Plains Police Chief James Bradley. Shoppers and employees were allowed back inside at 2:10 p.m., said Bradley.

"And it wasn't just Wal-Mart going nuts. A cop at a Kohl's store outside of Chicago shot a would-be shoplifter who fled in his car - and dragged another officer who was halfway into the vehicle across the parking lot, said police in Romeoville, Illinois. The Thursday night incident led to three arrests and a trip to the hospital for the shot driver and the dragged officer - both of whom, incredibly, sustained only minor injuries.

[. . .]

"A Thursday night fight over a Wal-Mart parking space in Claypool Hill, Va., ended when one man knifed another in the arm so viciously that he hit bone, said the Tazewell County Sheriff's Office. Both men are facing charges in the incident, authorities said."

Of course we simply could not forget the Las Vegas Review Journal and their stories of criminal stupidity:

"Shocking video shows a stun gun being used in a fight between two women Friday at a Philadelphia mall.

"Mike Napolitano, who filmed the fight, said the fight started off between two couples.

" 'One couple, they were like a family and all, with a young child in a stroller'," he told NBC Philadelphia.

"The video shows the women punching each other and falling to the ground before you hear what sounds like a stun gun go off and see sparks fly."

Here is another one from the Review Journal:

"Shoppers in the parking lot of the Walmart in Rialto, Calif., a San Bernardino suburb, grew impatient with people who were cutting in line and began fighting, police told NBC Los Angeles.

"A police officer broke his wrist while trying to stop the fight, which involved at least three people. Two of the people have been taken into custody.

"Two other fights broke out at Walmart's Rialto location Thursday night, both inside the store over merchandise."

It sort of reminds me of the old west — you know:

'Gun fight down at the mall'.

To call these acts by purported adults reasonable would be similar to calling a gang rape child's play.

My all time 'favorite,' for lack of a better descriptive word is this one from CBS News:

"A woman trying to improve her chance to buy cheap electronics at a Walmart in a wealthy suburb spewed pepper spray on a crowd of shoppers and 20 people suffered minor injuries, police said Friday.

"The attack took place about 10:20 p.m. Thursday shortly after doors opened for the sale at the Walmart in Porter Ranch in the San Fernando Valley.

"The store had brought out a crate of discounted Xbox video game players, and a crowd had formed to wait for the unwrapping, when the woman began spraying people 'in order to get an advantage', police Sgt. Jose Valle said."

The wicked wench (and I mean that) in that story, regrettably, got away.


Another Christmas and its associated season has, thankfully, passed. It most assuredly seems to me the only thing which has been learned by most of We the People is to wear a gas mask on Black Friday.

The best thing we could do to really get into the Christmas spirit would be to simply not buy anything. Or, just help somebody (the little old lady attempting to cross a street). Lastly, if you are a parent (you have my sympathies) and really want to get little Susie or little Johnny a christmas present which will help him or her in the futher — start buying U.S. Saving Bonds annually and on their birthday.

Celebrate Christmas — let the retailers rot.

Happy New Year.

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