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Friday, 27 November, 2020

B.O. is Trying to Screw Military Retirees (Final part of two)

Date: 15 November, 2011

By: Chief

To read part one.

Imagei y'all and welcome back.

Military life

Most people here in the U.S. have never served in the military. I can't blame them. It is not an easy life. Furthermore, most simply cannot deal with the discipline and loss of freedoms which they, as civilians, take for granted. Additionally, the pay is not at all good. As I said — it is not a life for everyone. Indeed, according to only 9% of We the People have served in a military capacity. That 9% breaks down to 5 million active members and 23.5 million veterans. That is pretty sorry if you ask me.

The military places value on its people but in a different way than civilian employers do. We value (from

Those are items B.O. and cohorts no nothing about.

Without honor a person is nothing. If you would like to see a recruit to population ratio by state, click here. It is fascinating to look at and then to realize who is protecting your freedom.

Without getting into boot camp and all of the fun and games that entails let us take a quick peek at just a few of the differences between civilian life, federal civil life and military life. Some of the differences include, but are certainly not limited to:

There are numerous other items which could be placed on that ... short list. Make no mistake about that. But I hope you get the point. Military life is:

It isn't for everybody.

The 20 year retirement plan

There are several reasons for the 20 year retirement plan. One is that a person who qualifies (yes, you do have to qualify) for it is to allow said person at least somewhat of a chance of a second career which might actually make him or her some money. Another reason, indeed the biggest reason of them all and the one which recruiters do not tell potential recruits is that:

Around the 15 - 20 year mark the human body, for the majority of military personnel, starts to physically give out and serious injuries start cropping up.

Yes, some people make for the full 30 years. Most do not. I did not quite make it to the 24 year mark. Mine was 23 years, 2 months.

At the 20 year retirement mark a person gets 50% of his or her base pay. For every year there after 20 just tack on an additional 2.5% to the 50% of your base pay. That is how it was when I retired. It may have changed since then.

Why did I retire when I did? Three reasons:

I sure as shootin' was glad the 20 year retirement was there for me.


Regrettably it may not be there for our future SSAMs. Quoting the Navy Times:

"The White House statement supports some form of change, saying the 20-year military retired pay model 'has served the military well in past years' but was 'designed for a different era of work, and is now out of line with most other government or private retirement plans'.

"It calls retirement after 20 years of service 'generous benefits to the relatively few members who stay for 20 years', which is the same position taken by government and independent commissions advocating a variety of changes."

Our military retirement system — is — different from "other government or private retirement plans." And it bloody well should be. You just go on back and take a long hard look at that 'short' list I wrote up and then tell me, with a straight face, we military types have not earned our retirement and benefits.

Remember this: While the times may have changed — war and combat have not.

I'll say it again: The military is the only group of federal employees to have — EVER — earned our retirement and benefits package.

In order to preserve our retirement and benefits we military folks need the instant help of you — We the People. We need it now. Call or write your Representatives and both Senators and tell them in no uncertain terms that military retirement and benefits shall not be touched. Period. And don't just do it once. Keep after those worthless curs in D.C.

Finally, next election just say no to B.O.

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