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Thursday, 03 December, 2020

B.O. is Trying to Screw Military Retirees (Part one of two)

Date: 01 November, 2011

By: Chief

Imageur current Commander in Chief, a former "senior lecturer" or "law professor," (University of Chicago cannot make up their minds what B.O. was) and a person who never served in any military capacity — except as Commander in Chief — has decided that military retirement medical benefits (known as Tricare) should fall under his 4.4 trillion dollar reduction plan. Quoting Navy Times:

"President Obama's $4.4 trillion deficit-reduction plan proposes additional increases in Tricare pharmacy co-pays for military beneficiaries and would begin charging an enrollment fee for older retirees using Tricare for Life health benefits."

Now, if you think that is bad enough — according to the White House — things may get much, much, worse. Again, quoting Navy Times:

"But the plan postpones any fundamental changes in military retired pay until yet another commission studies the issue.

"A White House statement says the current 20-year military retirement system is outdated and needs an overhaul, but it pledges that any change should not apply to those already retired or currently serving" (emphasis added).

Well ain't that just peachy keen? Not only no but absolutely no. Those bunch of rabid curs.

A really bad idea

As usual We the People have installed an idiot in the White House. This brillo pad we have for a president then hired or appointed a slew of other idiots, much like himself, to run the White House and, sadly, the country as cabinet officers and other bureaucrats. The major problem, as you can readily see, is none of them have any experience in much of anything other than:

in order to land a job and subsequent promotions. They are, in essence, the epitome of incompetence.

Need an example? Sure, why not. How about B.O. care. Think about it. Here we are in the middle of a stinking depression and B.O. wants to spend trillions of dollars attempting to socialize medicine. I personally cannot think of anything stupider than spending trillions of green backs, which we don't have, trying to give every single person in the country a form of medical insurance. This act of utter idiocy is to be borne on the back of We the People. Worthless bounders.

Now B.O. wants to curtail and cut back on the military:

Quoting the Navy Times:

"The White House fact sheet says the administration 'supports a generous health care benefit' but says co-payments for military beneficiaries 'have lagged behind other federal and private plans'.

"Similarly, the fact sheet says an annual fee for Tricare for Life benefits is warranted because this program now has no premium, 'unlike comparable services in the private sector'.

I was so very wrong. This — is —, without any doubt, the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. Reducing a retirement system and medical benefits for the only group of federal employees to have — EVER — earned them. Our very own:

Yeah, the SSAMs. They are the best that ever was. The best there is. The best that ever will be.

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