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Friday, 04 December, 2020

IE and Stupidity

Date: 01 August, 2011

By: Chief

Imaget was all over the press the past few days:

"Are Internet Explorer users dumb? (Doug Gross, CNN),

"Just how stupid are Internet Explorer users? (Robert X. Cringely, Infoworld), and;

"Dumb Poll: Are Internet Explorer users dumb? (Dumb as a Blog)."

Microsoft's web browser "Internet Explorer," also known as "Internet Exploder." The latter, of course, is much closer to the truth than the former and has been since day one. It has been caught in a second study proclaiming its users are not, by a jug full, surfing the web with a full deck.

Nothing new there.

And it continues

Indeed, in Robert X. Cringely's story pertaining to the intelligence quotient of IE users (quoting the Infoword story):

"People who use Opera are most likely brainiacs; those who prefer Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Camino are, while not exactly Einstein, still smarter than your average bear; and those who use any flavor of Internet Explorer probably could not find their mouse with both hands and need help tying their shoes."

But don't worry folks — believe me — it does get better or worse depending upon your browser of choice (you did choose which browser to use ... didn't you?) (quoting the Infoword story):

"According to AptiQuant, IQs for IE users ranged from barely above 80 (for IE6) to about 95 (for IE8); the IQ of your average schmoe is 100. Even the smartest IE users are most likely dumber on average than somebody you happened to run into at Wal-Mart.

"Worse, the average IQ for IE users has dropped by roughly 20 percent since AptiQuant's previous survey in 2006. Either IE users are getting dimmer each year or all the smart ones left for better options."

The "or all the smart ones left for better options[]" part is a huge exercise in faith that there were any smart ones to begin with. I would not desire to be the odds maker in that one.

Of course people who do use MicroScum MicroSoft products and do nothing about it, ie., change operating systems to:

are not, in any way, pure as the freshly fallen snow in this debacle either. Bounders.

That is not to mention all the other Gnu distributions which are available. Most for the mere cost of a download and some book learning. Go Gnu.

If you are not interested in changing out the entire operating system (I cannot, for the life of me, understand why in the world anyone would consciously choose to use an enormous piece of worm ridden crap when there are so many great O/S's to choose from) — then change out your browser. Why deliberately choose to use the absolute worst web browser, well ... , in the history of web browsers? It makes no sense whatsoever.

Here are some mighty fine browsers:

That list is anything but complete.

Any of those browsers are light years beyond Internet Exploder. So ... whaddaya waiting for? Change the infernal thing now or continue to be called the idiots which y'all apparently are. Quoting the (link no longer available) Daily Mail:

"But now users of Internet Explorer have another reason to feel humiliated - they are more stupid too.

[. . .]

"A study has found that those with Internet Explorer 6 installed on their computer typically have an IQ barely higher than 80 - which by some rankings makes them almost retarded."

IE users are "retarded?" How apropos.

And selfish too

When one thinks about it MicroScum's MicroSoft's default browser — Internet Exploder — acts as a 'force multiplier' for all kinds of nasty bugs which adversely effects the Internet, a great many peoples' home computers and companies' business computers. Thereby turning what once was a tremendous new medium of knowledge, art and just fun — the web — into a scarred and barren battle field of distrust and mayhem. All because there are people who are too:

to replace MicroScum's MicroSoft's browser with a better, more secure browser.

Those idiots, retards, stupid people or whatever you desire to call them who do not change out IE for a real browser are doing the rest of us — who have a functioning brain and dumped IE for a much better browser or browsers — a monstrous disservice. To be sure it maybe construed as a criminal action. How does aiding and abetting sound? Or conspiracy? I am quite sure there are many more which could be tacked on as well. It would serve 'em right says I.


Courtesy of the MicroScum MicroSoft crime family dutifully aided by the idiotic and selfish people who continue to use MicroScum MicroSoft products, IE in particular, the World Wide Web is nothing more than a wasteland instead of what could have been a paradise.

So yes absolutely, call the mangy and rabid curs what they are — mangy and rabid curs — for supporting the MicroScum MicroSoft crime family. They have coming to them in spades.

Then ... put 'em down ('tis the only thing that can be done with a rabid cur (dog).

[Ed. note: CNN is reporting The BBC has determined the study claiming IE users have lower IQ's (read — dumber than a box of rocks) is a hoax. The study maybe but that is about all.]

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