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Friday, 04 December, 2020

Made in China

Date: 15 March, 2011

By: Chief

Imageithout any doubt, the most foul, fetid and disgusting phrase, quite possibly in all of human history, is the title of this story. That's right — 'Made in China'.

The epitome of junk

When was the last time you bought something — made in China — that was not pure crap? It's okay, take your time — I'll wait. It shouldn't take too long anyway. Can't remember? I don't blame you if you can't remember. It is for this reason — almost everything (99% perhaps) which is built in China is pure, unadulterated junk. It is that simple.

Let me put it this way — if the Great Wall of China was built today — the blasted thing would collapse within a week. So much for quality. Scum.

Apparently price does not guarantee quality either. You can spend over $500.00 greenbacks on a hutch (assembly required) that is purportedly made out of wood and discover, much to your disenchantment, that the bloody thing has components that are made out of, you're gonna love this, compressed cardboard. And you spent over $500.00 bucks of your hard earned drinkin' money on the frigging thing.

Thanks Newt

Remember Newt Gingrich? Yeah he became Speaker of the House the year Bill Klinton became president. What a pair of shmucks if there ever were. Well ol' Newt thought the new "Global Economy" was a really great idea, even better than sliced bread, and pushed the concept of it both in Congress and anytime some fool stuck a camera or microphone in front of his worthless mug. Hence that was the beginning of everything being sent to China for manufacturing. What a disaster it has turned out to be. Scurvy cur. There's a reason he's named after a reptile, you know.

What good ol' Newt failed to realize was how major corporations were going to use this new global economy. And use it they did. Two really nasty words come to mind:

Yup, those two words have put hundred of thousands of We the People out of work — with no end in sight. American manufacturing jobs are now Chinese manufacturing jobs and We the People are paying the price in more ways than one. Thanks Newt ... you dirt ball.

A product of greed

Outsourcing and offshoring while being two different words have essentially the same meaning when it comes to labor. You see in either case labor loses jobs in one country typically because of cost and those jobs are shipped to another country which has typically cheaper costs. In the case of We the People — we have been losing for quite a while.

On the other side of the fence is China and its much lower labor costs. However, lower labor costs have a definite down side. It is called quality. And this is one of the three main reasons why 'Made in China' sucks. The quality just is not there. Slave wages and concentration camp working conditions simply do not add up to a quality product. They never have, either. Something that Foxconn, and others, have not learned.

The third reason is raw materials. China has an abundance of raw materials and what it does not have it imports. But that is not the key to this riddle. The key is that manufacturers in China will and do substitute 'X' material for a cheaper 'Y' material. This happens quite frequently because as a third party contractor the chances of getting caught range from slim to none and slim just left town.

You have read about this stuff in the newspapers. Toothpaste — 'Made in China' with a cheaper but toxic substitute chemical. Childrens toys — 'Made in China' with a cheaper yet toxic substitute chemical. You can read all about it here and here. Hutches purportedly made from wood are actually made with veneers and compressed cardboard.

The list goes on and on and on.

A black eye

This 'Made in China' syndrome is one big black eye for the Chinese. Quoting the Global Times (a Chinese paper):

" 'When a fellow of mine says his watch is made in China, he is trying to say it is not durable', said Marcus, " 'Made-in-China basically means cheap but low quality'."

Oh brother, how right he is.

Here is another one for you (quoting the Daily News and Analysis):

"The [quality control] problems in those specific areas came out of a certain behaviour among manufacturers in China. The instances of quality failure in the headlines are not the root problem, but the symptoms of the root problem, which is a certain attitude towards business, customer service, business ethics… the question of how you conduct yourself with somebody who is considered your partner. And that is something China is struggling with."

Gee ya suppose? I would say the answer is a big yes. When it comes to quality products China looks like it was on the receiving end of a beating by a brick stick. Serves 'em right too.


The best thing that can happen in Hop Sing land is put 'em all out of work. This can be easily accomplished by merely bringing back all of those manufacturing jobs U.S. corporations sent over there in the first place.

Yes, that surely will tick off the Chinese but so what? Do you care if Hop Sing gets more than a little upset? I sure don't. Let 'em starve. I just don't care. If enough of 'em are put out of work one of two things more than likely will happen:

If we do nothing sooner or later enough of We the People will be out of work that one of two things more than likely will happen:

Either way something bad will happen. Personally I much prefer the idea of the Chinese losing out than We the People.

What is undeniably true is 1,341,000,000 Chinese can all be — Wong.

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