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Tuesday, 24 November, 2020

Overrun by Idiots

Imaget's true. Idiots are taking over the world. Just look around you. They are everywhere and multiplying by the second. For the rest of us with a functioning brain — a minority to be sure — we are in deep and serious shit.

Automated idiocy

Consider for a moment this story title from ABC news:

"Family rescued after GPS blunder"

Now by just reading the story title one could easily assume that some poor family got caught out in the sticks because their GPS device led them astray. Yeah, well don't you believe it for a minute. The family in the story got marooned for four frigging days because they were — stupid.

Indeed, according to the very first paragraph of the story:

"A family of four and their dog spent four days bogged in mud in far west New South Wales after being led astray by a GPS unit."

I do feel sorry for the dog. I hope he had 'roast leg of owner' during the foray. Key-rist. What a bunch of dunderheads.

Road conditions can and do change. Funny, but this tends to happen on a rather frequent basis. And in most parts of the world, southeast New Mexico sadly excluded, the local yokels try their best to put up road signs if there is a problem. And this just so happened to be the case way down under. After a rather rough series of rain storms a lot of the roads, particularly dirt roads, were closed. Road closure signs had been placed where needed. So police and rescue workers figured they would end up being bored — because nobody could possibly be so completely stupid and ignore a road closed sign. Oh hah.

Along come Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Fudd, kids and hound. They proceed to:

"[D]rive off the road while following instructions from the GPS[.]

"[T]he GPS instructed the driver to travel along a closed road near Wilcannia, and the driver ignored the road closure signs" (quoting ABC news).

Ignored the frapping "road closure signs." It is, for me anyway, extraordinarily difficult to even comprehend that level of stupidity. And Mr. Fudd has already successfully bred. Puh-lease, wouldn't offing the kids be considered a mercy killing?

If not — it oughtta be.


Let us now take a look at the case of Mr. Al Byrd of Georgia, as in a state in the U.S. According to UPI:

"[H]e received a phone call saying the three-bedroom house his father built had been successfully demolished — by mistake."

Through absolutely no fault of his own Al Byrd, who was a home owner one day, became the proud owner of a — vacant lot — the next. Quoting UPI:

"He [Al Byrd] said the demolition company told him the work crew's paperwork and GPS coordinates had led them to the home. He theorized the vacant house across the street was the house sought by the company."

I wonder if Al pitched a tent where his house used to be before the law suit is settled? And what about the property taxes? How will that come out in the wash? Oh, he's going to rent a place? That's nice — who's going to pay for it?

As those few questions show the demolition company is going to be in for a very rough time. Assuming, naturally, they haven't filed for bankruptcy or fled the country.


Of course no story of absolute and utter lunacy would be complete without the sinking of a 96,000 (pounds sterling) Mercedes Benz. According to the Daily Mail (UK):

"This is what happened to a driver who put her faith in her satellite navigation system - she ended up in deep water. The £96,000 Mercedes sports car was swept away in a swollen river and the motorist had to be rescued as it sank.

"The driver, the latest of many to be led astray by satnavs, was on her way to a christening party in Leicestershire when she was sent down a winding track usually used only by farmers in their 4x4s."

Hah! Guess who ended up getting christened? The stupid twit. Quoting the Daily Mail:

"Still accepting what the satnav told her, she set out to cross the ford, but it was swollen after days of heavy rain.

"The Mercedes SL500 was swept 600 yards downstream, bouncing from one bank of the River Sense to the other as the woman, in her late 20s and from London, frantically tried to escape."

Really, just how stupid can one person be? Granted the twit is a Brit and from London to boot so she already has two strikes against her, but still — what does she have between her ears? 60 pounds of air pressure? Damn man, a doctor checks her ears and sees a valve stem sticking out one ear and a pressure gauge out the other. What happened? Did she forget to bring the air compressor?

Jesus — save me from the marching morons.

Out of the gene pool ... now

Have you noticed one little common thread here? All three of these stories directly involve people using:

It is obvious, even to a blind man, that these people have no:

to speak of. Without doubt I fully believe it is safe to say that each of the GPS challenged imbeciles in this story fell out of the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down.

It is equally obvious that each of them flat out refuses to accept responsibility for their individual acts of idiocy. 'Don't blame me ... blame the black box'. Or words to that affect.

The drivers didn't do anything wrong — oh no — each just blindly followed the directions of an inanimate object. They can't be responsible to properly plan or, heaven forbid, buy a road map. Oh no. Not them. They might have to think. Lemmings are smarter.

God ... our species is in dire need of a really large and strong dose of birth control. Now.


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