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Friday, 04 December, 2020

The Cow Dung Flung (part two of three)

Date: 15 April, 2010

By: Chief

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Imageelcome back. Picking up where we left off ...


Well now that we all know just how worthless the PSA test is and has been, what about the good old rectal exam? You know — the bend over, spread 'em and grit your tooth (if you live in Oklahoma) exam. Yeah that one. Doctors claim they don't like them but[t] they get paid for 'em. A fee for A service, remember.

According to the American Board of Family Practice:

"The second important outcome was that the overall sensitivity, specificity, and positive predictive value for PSA were higher than those for DRE when used as a screening tool to detect prostate cancer."

Hence being the PSA test is utterly useless the American Board of Family Practice categorically states the DRE is more useless than the PSA test. How the DRE could be worse, and it is, than the PSA test is not beyond me at all. In mathematics the PSA test would a zero while the DRE would be less than zero — a negative number. Tell that to your doctor the next time he dons a pair of latex gloves and is reaching for the KY.

But have no fear dear readers there is more. Per the Harvard Medical School, the accuracy of the DRE:

"Its accuracy depends on the skill of the physician conducting and interpreting the test. Moreover, early cancerous tumors are often too small to detect during a DRE, and some are located in areas a doctor's finger can't reach. For these reasons, clinicians who use DRE alone to screen for prostate cancer sometimes miss the smallest and most treatable tumors. On the other hand, small tumors that can't be felt by the physician may be less likely to cause future problems."

Ah, the crux of the biscuit. The doctor's finger can't feel even half of the prostate gland. Sheesh. What a joke. And it's a cruel joke as well. Further the but[t] of the joke is on We the People (in more ways than just one).

Now, and not to outdone, the University of Pittburgh kind of explains what percentage of the prostate can be felt by a doctor's finger (just typing that sent a tinge of fear up my spine, I loath that exam). Quoting the University of Pittburgh:

"A digital rectal examination allows a doctor to feel only the back wall of the prostate gland, so any abnormalities located in the middle or front part of the gland cannot be felt."

Being that the University of Pittburgh basically broke the prostate down into three sections:

And being the doctor can only feel the back of the prostate a full 2/3's of the prostate goes — unchecked. Wow. That exam does a lot of good. Hogwash.

Yet quite a few to the majority of authoritative web sites, if you will, recommend that men should get both the PSA and the DRE annually if they are over 50. Which, as you have already read, makes no sense at all. However, if there is money to be had — it appears many organizations, medical centers and others will continue to milk the prostate cancer testing scheme for all it is worth. And that is a considerable amount.

One for the ladies

Never let it be said that the Chief leaves women out. Not me. No sir. That said this is one I factually know women despise — more than they despise men. And that is saying something. It is none other than the heinous PAP test.

Just you go right on ahead and mention that three letter word to your wife or girlfriend. If you are really stupid, mention it to both. Watch their hackles grow and their demeanor change from 'sweetie' to witch (spelled with a capitol 'B') in less time than you can say — the 'B' word.

Yes the PAP test, more commonly known as the PAP smear, has been shoved down women's throat or more accurately up their pus ... er ... cun ... er ... vag ... er ... well you know what I mean for over sixty years. That's a lot of propaganda time. And it has worked. Extremely well I might add.

The test itself is as close to meaningless as it is possible to get. Quoting Wikipedia:

"In a typical scenario, about 0.5% of Pap results are high-grade SIL (HSIL), and less than 0.5% of results indicate cancer; 0.2 to 0.8% of results indicate Atypical Glandular Cells of Undetermined Significance (AGC-NOS)."

One half of one percent. That is all. Jesus H. Tap-dancing Christ (thanks Joliet Jake). For a 1/2 of 1 percent risk, of all women tested per year, a woman is supposed be be:

Additionally they're supposed to have this done annually. And that is making the huge assumption the pathologists got it correct. I don't believe this garbage.

Not only is the PAP test basically meaningless — it is completely inaccurate. Quoting ABC news:

"Even the most experienced pathologists have trouble agreeing on what they see under the microscope, the researchers say.

[. . .]

"For the study, pathologists examined 4,948 Pap smears and other diagnostic procedures - colposcopy and loop electrosurgical excision - that provide cervical cells for analysis.

"The researchers found that the pathologists only had moderate agreement on several diagnoses. Especially important was the diagnosis of 'atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance'. Pathologists use this diagnosis for cells that do not look normal, but also do not look like early stage cancer.

"Of 1, 473 such slides, the pathologists only agreed on 43 percent of the samples."

Forty three percent agreement on the samples. My, isn't that impressive? No it is not. Yet women, since 1943, have been told and continue to be told to this very day — 'You got to have a PAP smear done every year'. 'It's important for your health'. What a bunch of lying, worthless bounders.

If you DuckDuckGo "importance of pap test" (without quotation marks) the number of results is astounding. Most every frapping one of them praising Dr. Papanikolaou and the hideous invention which bears his name — the "Papanicolaou test" or PAP test. Papanikolaou makes dental work with pliers and chisels appear almost saintly.

But what about a "high grade pre-cancerous lesion." Again quoting ABC news:

"Pathologists only agreed 47 percent of the times on a diagnosis of another type of pre-cancerous lesion, called 'high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion'."

Wow they agreed a whopping forty seven percent of the time. Holy crap. Less than fifty percent accuracy. Key-rist, what a farce.

Well women of the world what do you think of them apples? Huh? I can't hear you. The silence is deafening. Actually, each and every woman should be pissed off beyond belief. Women of the world — y'all have been lied too — again. This time by the medical industrial complex. Which is, sigh, a male dominated industry. Though there are some wenches in the business as well.

Like it or not — y'all been had.

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