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Wednesday, 25 November, 2020

The Story of Washington, DC

Date: 15 October, 2009

By: Chief

Imageou wanna see sin of the wickedest kind? Here it is! You wanna see virtue left behind? Here it is! Sodom was vice and visa-a-versa ... You wanna see where the vice is worser? Here it is! I mean, here it is" (Alan Dexter, Paint Your Wagon, 1969).

District of Corruption

If you drive into Washington, DC (District of Corruption or Criminals, your pick), you will probably see a sign saying something along the lines of:

'Welcome to Washington, DC, the Hell-theist city in the country'.

It is the truth. Santa Fe, the capital of New Mexico and the most corrupt state capital of all the several states (Baton Rouge is saintly by comparison) is a church meeting compared to Washington, DC. There is a reason, you know, why DC is called District of Corruption or District of Criminals. It ain't raining halos, that is for darn sure.

Indeed, according to Genesis (18:22), Abraham pleads with God to spare the city of Sodom if God and his two angels can find 50 righteous people in the city. During the bargaining session, the number shrinks to 45, then 30, then 20 and finally — 10. Well, guess what? If Abraham's decedents try to save Washington, DC, as Abraham tried — and failed — to save Sodom, they will meet with the identical result. The only difference is the number of righteous people in Washington, DC. Zero. Watch out — it ought to be raining brimstone and fire. Don't we all wish.

The only thing the criminals in DC know is how to cover their own butt — when they can find it.

"You wanna live life in the rottenest way? Here it is! Women and whiskey, night and day! Here it is! You wanna embrace the golden calf? Ankle and thigh and upper half? Here it is! I mean, here it is" (Alan Dexter, Paint Your Wagon, 1969).


In Washington, DC? Puh-lease. Virtue and Washington, DC, are the epitome of a dichotomy of terms. Leave your virtue at the city limits. Or I suppose you could try and sell it. But who would buy it? Lastly you could have it surgically removed. I understand that having virtue surgically removed is an outpatient visit and is covered by most insurers. But only in Washington — District of Corruption or Criminals, pick one. Which is the main reason Obama is really pushing for national health care — he wants everybody to be as corrupt as he is.

Another shining example is "the strip," an area north of the U.S. capital building by a few blocks. Though DC is home to the FBI, DEA and a host of other alphabet soup federale cop shops for some reason, no one knows why of course, it was and remains the ideal place to sell anything illegal. Crack especially. Back in the 1990's it was known as the murder capital of the U.S. And while violent crime has somewhat declined in the past 12 years — white collar crime has moved right on in. Just ask any Congressman or Senator. They are all on the take and have been for decades. Hah! You won't ever, as in never, get an honest let alone truthful answer from those heathen scum.

Public education in Washington, DC? Well, yes there is, sort of. Quoting the Heritage Foundation:

"The District of Columbia is home to one of the nation's most troubled public school systems. The District spends $14,400 for every child in public school - well above the national average and more than any of the 50 states. The 2007 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) reported that Washington, D.C.'s fourth and eighth graders scored lower than any other students in the entire country. The District also has one of the lowest graduation rates in America - 59 percent according to one estimate."

The idiotic corrupt legislators have spent a whole pile of money and for what? Nothing. The kids in Washington, DC know who butters their bread and they have every intention of becoming just like the adults they see every night on the news — career criminals. That is what a Congressman is called. That is what a Senator is called. That is what the President is called. So are lobbyists, bureaucrats, federale and city civilian employees. Basically anybody who is:

by either the federal government or the city government is a crook. Kind of reminds me of the Nixon days — which is something I would rather forget.

"Washington, DC, Washington, DC, the Lord don't like it here. Washington, DC, Washington, DC, your reckoning day is near. Washington, DC, Washington, DC, here's what he's gonna do ... gobble up this town and swallow it down and goodbye to you" (Alan Dexter, Paint Your Wagon).

Shop around

As I am sure you have noticed everything and I do mean everything is up for sale to the highest bidder in that stinking town. It is simple and conducted out in the open. Just bring a bag full of cash or cash equivalents. Offering a board seat on some major corporation as an incentive doesn't hurt either. But cash or equivalents is what is important. The bigger the bag the further up the line you will start.

Every single member of the House of Representatives and without a doubt each and every Senator has already been bought and paid for. However, they always have their palms out waiting for someone to grease them. Each vote is up at auction.

Harry Teague is a perfect example. A freshman Congressman for the Second District, State of New Mexico. He has his own business in the oil industry and his company employs(ed) about 250 people.

Yet on the "Cap and trade" bill Dear Harry had already sold his soul — not to mention his vote. He voted "aye" on that hideous bill after being told by just about everybody in the district to vote "nay." For the almighty dollar Harry entered the political graveyard on his first major vote in Congress. I seriously doubt he shall be around for a second term.

Oh sure, they will pretend to kiss your butt in a letter or email — but they do as they have been paid to do. And apparently it ain't We the People that are paying 'em.

A cheaper investment

You don't have to buy a politician to get what you want. Buy a regulator instead. There are plenty of them to go around so the price is quite a bit more reasonable. They are the guys who write the regulations the federales go by. Oh, don't forget the product examiners and patent clerks. They are the ones who decide the fate of a new product. This is especially true of:

Oh yes indeed, just imagine what a hero you would be to your company if you were the one to get some new, really hot, just gotta have it right frigging now, costs a fortune (I'll just add it to my existing credit card debt), product:

And to think it only cost the company maybe a cool million greenbacks in bribes — er — marketing costs. Which they can write off on their corporate taxes. Ahhh, ain't the cost of doing business just fine? Dirtbags.

Yes, I just made that up but I am not far off the mark. This sort of illicit crap happens daily in our nation's capital. Yet laws are passed which automatically turn We the People into We the Criminals when the actual criminals are employed, at our expense, in Washington, District of Corruption or Criminals — you choose.

A missed opportunity

Regrettably, We the People did miss a perfect opportunity to eliminate the District of Corruption or Criminals — your pick. The detonation of our first atomic bomb at White Sands, New Mexico, should have been held in the rotunda of the capital building. If nothing else it would have slowed the scallywags down for a few decades.

"Will you go to heaven? Will you go to hell?

(Chorus of Congressmen and Senators): Go to hell,

Either repent, or it's fare thee well,

(Obama and administration chorus): Fare thee well ...

God will take care of Washington, DC, comes the end it won't be pretty ... Here it is! I mean, here it is" (Alan Dexter, Paint Your Wagon, 1969. Just to let you know I changed "no name city" to Washington, DC.).


[Story update.] While Harry Teague was not recalled — neither was he reelected. He got the boot after one term. Who was his replacement? None other than Steve Pearce (sigh).

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