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Tuesday, 24 November, 2020

Idiotic Legislators

Date: 15 September, 2009

By: Chief

Imageo err is human — but to really screw things up takes a legislature.

A big thank you is due to the legislature of the State of New Mexico. Yes siree. Thanks to them and their "act" of literal idiocy four teenagers are now dead. Indeed, dead and buried. And yes I am being both sarcastic and cynical.

Yeah, a bunch of elected do-gooder democrat representatives and senators during our last legislative cycle (odd years are 60 days, even years are 30 days):

a bill which was subsequently signed into law by our very un-illustrious Governor Hot Rod Richardson, who — in case you are unaware — is a self admitted draft dodger. Said bill, HR-285 abolishes the death penalty in capital cases (in case you have forgotten my feeling on the death penalty, this will remind you. Quoting the bill (in pertinent part):

"[T]he defendant shall be sentenced to life imprisonment or life imprisonment without possibility of release or parole."

Did you catch the "or" part of the above quote? What it means is this — some scumbag can commit murder, that's right — cold blooded murder, and be up for parole or released in a few years. Isn't that just lovely? I didn't think so either. As far as I am concerned the son-of-a-bitch ought to be taken to the nearest tree and given a suspended sentence — at the end of a rope.

The bill was authored by one Gail Chasey, a democrap and liar ... lawyer in Bernalillo county. Bernalillo county just happens to be the county in which the City (Slime) of Albuquerque squats (the largest city in New Mexico — until the nuclear weapons storage bunkers at Kirtland Air Force Base detonate). She is a grade "A" witch spelled with a capital "B."

Well, enough of that story. The real story revolves around one Scott Owens, 28 years of age, who was attempting to drive a Jeep Cherokee on Old Las Vegas Highway when he t-boned a vehicle carrying five teenagers. Four of the kids died on impact. The fifth kid, Avree Kaufmann only 16, was air lifted to a trauma center or emergency room where she was listed in critical condition. I do not know if she made it. I sure hope she did. She even took evasive maneuvers in an abortive attempt to avoid the drunk. She deserves a medal for her actions. Drunken drivers are the scumbags of the road, in my not at all humble opinion.

Did I mention that Scott Owens, the perpetrator of this mass murder, was driving on the wrong side of the road? No? Well now I did and now you know. Further, did I mention that Scott Owens was drunk off his useless butt? No? Well he was. Oh, did I forget to mention that Scott Owens was laughing under his breath because he knows he cannot be executed? Prove me wrong. He was smiling in his mug shot. The worst, the absolute worst sentence Owens can receive and I quote (from the statute):

"[L]ife imprisonment without possibility of release or parole."

Yet according to KobTv (.com) news:

"Owens faces 30 to 50 years behind bars if he is convicted on the four counts of homicide he faces."

This is insane. Some drunk scumbag wipes out four innocent people, four lives instantly snuffed out, teenagers in this particular case, and if convicted and subsequently given the maximum sentence — the murdering drunk could be released from prison — alive. Do you see a problem with this? Or am I the only one missing something?

I ask you, I ask We the People, just where in hades is the equal justice? Where in the hell is equal protection under the law? Just where in the Sam Thump is equal?

Gone. That is where equal is. Thanks to Gail Chasey and others of her ilk I seriously doubt we shall ever again see equal.

I know hanging Scott Owens will not bring back those kids. I also know you can only hang a man once and there are four dead kids. But by God there are exactly three very salient points to be made and they are these:


So with help of a word processor and the swipe of a pen by the governor a murderer shall live and equal has left the state. Probably for good.

Let us not forget the parents of these teenagers. How must they feel now? The only word I can think of is — empty. And I suspect it is a feeling of emptiness that they shall carry inside each of them forever more. Scott Owens destroyed them as well. Way to go Scott. You killed a lot of people that fateful Sunday morning. You rotten, worthless scumbag.

I'll tell you one thing, if I was a state legislator I would hang my head in absolute shame. I'll tell you something else, left up to me little old representative Gail Chasey would be facing criminal charges as well. Charges along the lines of:

I would further convene a special session of the state legislature and have her worthless ass thrown out of the State House of Representatives. Lastly I would have the State Supreme Court permanently revoke her privilege to practice law. Gail would then be found swinging next to Scott Owens from the same tree.

A couple of other things about this despicable criminal named Scott Owens. Quoting

"After deputies caught up with Owens, they say he showed signs of being intoxicated. Owens, who has a previous DWI conviction, initially refused to take a blood test. He eventually submitted to one after police obtained a search warrant."

Yes, young Scott Owens was busted in 2001 for drunk driving. Apparently the first lesson didn't sink in. He was probably drunk at the time. Hmm, I believe I am beginning to detect a pattern here. Indeed an ugly pattern.

Thanks to Gail Chasey, Hot Rod Richardson and all who voted in favor of this heinous bill, life in the State of New Mexico just became — cheap.


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