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Sunday, 29 November, 2020

Creationism or Evolution (part two of three)

Date: 15 August, 2009

By: Chief

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ImageWelcome back. Picking up where we left off —

To have a bountiful crop of, well, something edible, it comes in rather handy to have seed. One of my favorite veggies is Okra. Okra originated, we guess, in the Ethiopian highlands. However, you can take all the Okra seeds you want and plant them straight into the ground and not nary a blasted one of them will germinate. You have scarify the seeds first, then plant them. Joe and Josephine cave couple would not have known about that little detail. In other words you have to know the seeds you are planting — before you plant them. Comes in rather handy, don't you agree?

Assuming everything goes well, now there's a gamble for ya, Joe and Josephine cave couple will have several bushels of veggies to get them through the winter and have, hopefully, enough left over to use as seed for the next planting. Great. But where are they going to store the harvested crop? What are they going to store the crop in is just as important. Food rots. Rodents get at the stuff. So just how was the food stored and protected? Me? I don't have a clue. Neither do the creationism or evolution pontificates.

Moving right along, shall we take a look at domesticating animals? I thought you would agree.

By definition to "domesticate" an animal means you have the fun, joy and entertainment of starting out with a wild animal. Domestication isn't easy because if it were the American Bison would have been domesticated a long, long time ago by the Indians. So here, for the sake of brevity, are the basic steps:

None of those steps are simple, let alone easy. Once you got your critter captured, what pray tell are you going to hold it in with? There is also no use in trying to hold just one of anything either. How are they going to breed? So I would suggest a real large and very strong fence — with a gate. And don't forget about the predators.

There is a reason horses are called "hay burners." They eat a lot. Can you imagine the conversation at the dinner rock or floor between Joe and Josephine cave couple pertaining to Joe feeding his yet untamed (but he's making progress, he wasn't gored or trampled that day) critters? It might have gone something like this:

"Look Joe, we've got 15 kids, that's a lot of mouths to feed you know, and here you are taking the corn and feeding it to your frigging animals!

"Are you out of your mind?


"Bitch" he mutters under his breath (Joe's not that crazy).

Bear in mind meat, unless salted, smoked or frozen, will start to turn bad in a matter of hours. So how did they, if they even did, store meat? When did Joe and Josephine discover smoking or salting? Interesting, is it not?

Lastly what was the fatality rate of the early humans in their attempt to catch, hold and feed — domesticate — animals? Actually dealing with a death is easier than doctoring on Joe, who just got gored or trampled — again. Just take the dead guy or girl and toss them into the nearest tar pit. Mending Joe takes time. And during that time there is one less person to help with the farming, security, slaughtering, etc. No wonder Josephine was normally in a foul mood.

As you can readily discern, cave life was not all cake and champagne. It wasn't even beer and 'tater chips. It was rough as a cob and should a person reach retirement age — death, he or she was only about 30 - 35 years old. No lazy boy, no microwave, no T.V., no electricity. Even worse — no universal remote.

Are y'all beginning to get the picture? Both creationism and evolution proponents push their respective theories at you but can't back up what they say. We are expected to pick one or the other and that is just how it is. A 'take it on faith' approach. Anthropologists, paleontologists, theologians and biblical scholars all talk the talk — but none of them can walk the walk. To put it another way — where's the beef? Where is the irrefutable fact that our species was either created by God or evolved from monkeys, apes or some other lower form of life? Answer: there ain't no fact. If there were it would not be called a "theory."

Colonization of Earth

Could we have come from another planet? Sure. Why not? But why? That is the question. The answer is: who knows? As usual I have my own theories, actually in this case guesses. Both deal specifically with our attitude — it stinks.

The human animal, yes we are animals and in more ways than one, has three distinctly human and evil trails:

"The boozer's in prison and the criminal he isn't and only the rascals have dough" (Lee Marvin, Paint Your Wagon, 1969).

No truer lyrics have ever been written and no truer verse has ever been sung in the long sorry saga of human history. Thank you Lee.

I believe that the human species was placed on planet Earth by a civilization far, far more advanced than we. They did it for possibly two reasons (keep those three human traits firmly in mind):

Hey! Don't laugh it off. Do you have a better answer or solution? I didn't think so. If you do I sure as shootin' would love to hear it.

When you sit down and actually think about it we humans are a sorry lot. We are the only species of animal (other than hamsters and guinea pigs — now there is a lower life form for you) that kill off our own kind. Some do it for fun. There are very few self defense killings or 'because he or she needed killing' (the New Mexico defense and it works).

Additionally we, as a species, singularly hold the dubious distinction of being the only species on the entire bloody planet which invents ways to do the job more efficiently. Consider, for a moment, the purpose of a thermonuclear weapon. Could you or would you please explain to me the peaceful purpose of such a monstrosity? I'm waiting. Never mind.

We have quite literally thousands of the heinous things. Our idiotic government spends billions of dollars per year on those perverted weapons. The majority of which are sitting in special ordinance bunkers at Kirtland Air Force Base. Right next door to the City of Albuquerque, New Mexico. I'm sure the city residents are thrilled.

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