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Friday, 04 December, 2020

What A Crock of Crap

Date: 01 May, 2009

By: Chief

Imagey, my, my. It seems that in the village of Lake Arthur, New Mexico - population 437 and decreasing - the public school district has a violence problem. Furthermore this violence problem is attempting to be swept under the proverbial rug by:

Now why in the world would these people, people who are in a position of leadership, indeed, people who have a legal duty to:

do such a dastardly and obviously idiotic thing? Why my fine feathered billiard balls, the answer is quite clear and simple — Michael Grossman, Lake Arthur, Public School Superintendent is a wife beater. Additionally, it certainly appears the Lake Arthur Board of Education is playing a game called the 'old boys club' and circling the wagons around their beleaguered superintendent — Michael 'Black Eye, Grossman, also known as (AKA), Michael Gross-man.

At the public school board meeting held the 14th of April, this year, Black Eye [Gross-man] Grossman issued new rules specifically pertaining to the public's discussion over a recent violent event in which he was arrested for "battery of a household member" (quoting the Roswell Daily Record). This is not Black Eye's first arrest for domestic violence by the way. Quoting the Roswell Daily Record:

"The rules, created by Grossman, imposed a time limit of three minutes for anyone wishing to comment and allowed the board president to silence anyone whose content he didn't approve. Another rule stated that 'under no circumstances should anyone voice concerns about a specific individual employee or student at a school board meeting'."

Sniff, sniff. Do I detect the odious and repugnant smell of censorship and prior restraint (both of which the First Amendment specificlly forbids)? Why yes. Yes I do.

However, in a turn of events which at best one would consider deplorable and disgusting, the board of education (quoting the Roswell Daily Record):

"Grossman, who was greeted by fellow board members with hand shakes and pats on the back, preempted any comments or complaints by issuing leaflets governing public input - an action which strayed from standard protocol, according to parents who have attended school board meetings in the past."

Sniff, sniff. Do I smell the odious and repugnant scent of the old boys club and circling the wagon wafting through the air? Oh yes I do. The scurvy curs.

Now dig this — old Black Eye has been arrested and convicted once before for domestic violence. Quoting the Roswell Daily Record:

"[A]rrested in Belen in 1997, and charged with aggravated battery against a household member, but entered a plea agreement in which he was ordered to perform community service and attend domestic violence counseling. He was sentenced to 90 days in jail, but the sentence was suspended."

That time, as well as the current charge against him, was battery upon his wife. What a low life piece of human excrement. Yet he is glad handed by the school board. Me thinks the parents and voters of Lake Arthur should get together and get rid of the entire board — once and for all. They are scum of the worst kind.

How bad did Black Eye Grossman beat on his wife? According to Cecilia Palmer, a parent of a student who attends Lake Arthur schools (quoting the Roswell Daily Record):

" '[Rosemary] came to school the day after the incident with a neck brace, a cane and a goose egg of a black eye'. "

Isn't that just lovely? And the public school board is backing this scumbag's play.

The teachers are not saying a thing, at least publicly, that I have been able to catch wind of. And for a reason (I am not going to get into whether it is a good reason or not) — Black Eye Grossman does all the hiring and firing of staff. Hence a staff member's bread and butter is literally on the table.

But who hires the school superintendent his-self (yeah, I did that deliberately)? Factually I don't know. Nowhere that I could find on the Lake Arthur Panther web site gave me an inkling as to who or whom does the hiring and firing of the superintendent. As a quick aside, here is a photo, kinda, of the infamous Black Eye Gross-man (hmmm, now tell me, if you cut his ears off, wouldn't he be the perfect emulation of a walking prick?). I truly think so.

I should think that the Lake Arthur Board of Education would do the hiring and firing of the superintendent or, in this case, the stupid-intendent. If I am correct in that assessment then New Mexico law comes into play. Specifically NMSA 1978, 28-2-1, et seq., the Criminal Offender Employment Act of New Mexico. Quoting NMSA 1978, 28-2-4 (A, 2):

"A. Any board or other agency having jurisdiction over employment by the state or any of its political subdivisions or the practice of any trade, business or profession may refuse to grant or renew or may suspend or revoke any public employment or license or other authority to engage in the public employment, trade, business or profession for any one or any combination of the following causes:

[. . .]

"(2) where the applicant, employee or licensee has been convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude and the criminal conviction does not directly relate to the particular employment, trade, business or profession, if the board or other agency determines after investigation that the person so convicted has not been sufficiently rehabilitated to warrant the public trust[.]"

I'd say that is a big yes.

But the board hired Black Eye Grossman instead of 'just saying no.' What is far worse instead of, at the minimum, placing him on suspension without pay until the trial is over or Black Eye pleads guilty, in the instant case, the fucking worthless board supports him. Scum hangs together I suppose.

As far as I am concerned each member of the Lake Arthur Board of Education is guilty of:

What is an actual travesty of justice is the absolute worst punishment which Black Eye Grossman can receive is 90 days in jail. That law needs to be changed and I submit it shall be — and soon.

Left up to me after Black Eye Grossman was fairly:

he would be fairly executed.

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