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Thursday, 03 December, 2020

Obesity — An Epidemic?

Date: 01 March, 2009

By: Chief

Imagey definition, the word epidemic means, as an adjective (definitions courtesy of

"Spreading rapidly and extensively by infection and affecting many individuals in an area or a population at the same time.

"As a noun, the word epidemic means 'An outbreak of a contagious disease that spreads rapidly and widely'."

However, our marvelous and extremely inventive federal government, specifically this time the Center for Disease Control (CDC), is making the claim and has been for quite a while that obesity is:

What I would like to know first of all is just how, pray tell, is eating a disease? I really want to know the answer to that one. Secondly, being that the CDC is claiming that obesity is an epidemic, how is the "disease" spread by infection? What nasty little bug bit old Joe Porker? Thirdly, when did my eating habits become the realm of the CDC?

The current howl over obesity — that's being real fat (I like using analogies, that is when you compare something) — stems from a study commissioned by the CDC it's ownself. In that study the folks who authored the study came to the entertaining conclusion that (quoting AP):

"Mildly overweight people had a 20 percent lower risk of dying than those who weigh less."

Furthermore, according to the AP story:

"The study's author, Katherine Flegal, also was not at the [] news conference. Instead, Gerberding and Donna Stroup - authors of the previous study setting obesity-related deaths much higher - did the talking."

What is interesting about that, among other things, is the earlier study made the claim that obesity kills on average 365,000 pork chop people per year. This new study says obesity kills around 25,814 porkers per year. That is — ah — a super-size difference if you ask me.

So Dr. Julie Gerberding who until the 20th of January, 2009, was in charge of the CDC has been back peddling as fast as she can from a study that she commissioned. Why? Because she does not like the results. Obviously. She does seem to resemble a spoiled child now doesn't she? Why yes. Yes she does.

Hey Julie you pernicious twit, in case you have not realized this — life is not spelled f-a-i-r. For most people life is spelled *-i-t-c-h — with a capitol "B." And that is when things are going along pretty darned well. In other words Julie, just because something like this study throws a monkey wrench into your preconceived mindset about how things are, or should be, maybe you should not have a preconceived mindset. What a novel idea and one Julie shall never understand.

The cowardly thing that happened at the press conference was the fact that the author of the new study was not there to defend her findings. Only the authors of the old study were there and spoke.

Personally I do not give one hoot in hades which study is correct. I eat what I want. Yes indeed boys and girls, grease is a food group and gravy is a beverage. I love to barbecue and eat all manner of things which have fat and cheese on 'em. Life is far to short, so please, do not take it seriously.

Don't the people at CDC have better things to do? I mean We the People, yeah us taxpayers, are paying the bills in case they have not noticed. Which just happens includes Julie's salary. In case the CDC hasn't noticed, there are all kinds of 'real' diseases running around loose that are killing people. I am not talking about made up diseases like obesity or some other politically correct disease. I am talking about real diseases.

The only problem with that idea, the real diseases idea, is the CDC would actually have to work for its money. And they can't have that. They, along with the doctors and lawyers who do these studies, would be out of a job. They don't like that idea one bit.

It is far easier to attempt to get people to change their habits and their attitudes than it is to show 'real' results against 'real' diseases. Put enough information into the hands of the people, whether real or false, often enough (that is the real catcher) and sooner or later people will begin to accept it.

People are unique. No two are perfectly the same. Even identical twins. Therefore, the concept of what is 'normal' is moot. Well if you are 6 feet tall you should weigh between 'X' and 'Y'. Well what if that person does not fall within the norm? Does that make them skinny? Does that make them fat? Does that make them unhealthy? Of course not. It is all — subjective.

Hell's bells, what a doctor thinks is an opinion. Opinions do not construe themselves into fact. They never have. Studies are subjective as well. Most studies are commissioned in an attempt to construe an opinion into a fact. Studies are merely a tool in an attempt to confirm somebody's opinion or to advocate a specific position or opinion. No more and quite possibly even less. Just ask two lawyers the exact same question. You will get at least three different opinions.

Me? I will continue my ways, eating what I want, the way I want. If the CDC doesn't like it, to bad. I don't like them. That makes us even.

I truly believe the CDC is completely obese as well as useless. They have far to many incompetent chiefs and far to few competent Indians. I also have a cure. Give 'em an enema. That ought to flush a few boatloads of incompetent chiefs into the nearest sewage treatment plant.

[This story has been updated.]

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