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Friday, 27 November, 2020

The power of the vote

Date: 18 November, 1999

By: Chief

Imageho says we have to vote for a candidate from one of the two 'major parties'? The menu is much better than that.

An interesting question. To put it another way, just what if, in the upcoming general election, the only candidates running for office were 'third party' candidates? No Democrats, no Republicans. How would you vote? Would you vote?

While that most assuredly will not happen, We the People can ensure something similar does. We can cast our vote for a third party candidate. Not for a single Democrat or Republican. Third party only. Is that wasting a vote? I think not. Indeed, I think the only vote that is wasted is the one not cast.

So, in both the upcoming primary and general elections, don't vote for a 'big two' candidate, vote instead for a third party candidate.

Why? Why vote for the small fry? In my opinion, the answer can be found in the voting records and the legislation passed by elected members of the 'big two' parties. Trash. Pure and simple trash. Legislation which, on its face sounds great, does nothing in reality but continue to whittle away at our constitutional protections, guarantees and personal liberties. An example or two are in order. Civil asset forfeiture, at both federal and state levels. Gun control. Executive orders issued by the president. This is my personal favorite — marijuana is illegal, yet opium is not.

Taxes have increased, liberties have decreased. The government now tells you how you must dress, how you must place your child in your car and is more than willing to back up those demands by force of arms.

Aren't you getting just a touch tired of it? Being told what to do, how to do it and when, under threat of imprisonment, loss of assets or possibly death? If you are, it is time to do something about it. The elections of the year 2000 are the perfect time! A constitutionally approved version of revolution, if you will. The power of the vote. Get out and use it. Don't let yours collect dust. Give the boot to the 'big two' and bring in some much needed fresh blood.

When one considers it, what have We the People to lose? The 'big two' have been in power, collectively, for over 130 years. Take a look at the results for yourself. A bloated government which, by its very definition, is self perpetuating. As such, its need for increased power and resources must come from somewhere. Indeed, it comes from us, We the People. We have abrogated our control of the government in favor of a little security. We unquestioningly hand the government parts of our paychecks in the all pervasive taxes. Thus, We the People can take back the power we have given to government. We can use the power of the vote to hobble, more appropriately, chain down the government and demand it do our bidding, within the guidelines established by the constitution. The power of the vote is ours, not the government's to use.

"But my vote won't make any difference." Jesus! If I had a dollar for every time we heard someone say that, I would make Bill Gates look like a piker! Every single person's vote does count. What must be done is to get other people to cast their vote along the same lines. In other words, get your neighbor, your co-worker, your relatives to cast their votes for a third party candidate. Use your power of persuasion to influence the outcome of an election. If you can get two people to vote for a third party candidate, that is two more votes for them and two less votes for 'big two' candidates. If those two people can convince two other people to vote for a third party candidate ... well you can see what is happening ... the pyramid effect ... and what an effect that can be.

Currently elections are bought and paid for. Companies spend millions of dollars in the way of 'campaign contributions' for various candidates. Some of that money is legal, most is not. Under the existing campaign finance reform act, it is the individual citizen, the voter, who by law, can contribute the least. Then there are media events. There is more staging and directing of the candidate by his or her 'handlers' than in producing a Broadway play! Well, 'big two' candidates, have I got some real bad news for you. I may not be able to contribute much money, but what I can contribute will knock you, your contributing companies and the big two political organs dead on your collective bad faith butts!

The individual voter who casts his or her vote is the ultimate Political Action Committee (PAC). We the People do not need nor desire professional PACs or lobbyists. We the People do not need nor desire companies contributing money to a certain candidate and in return receiving 'special favors'. There is such a thing called a master/servant relationship. We the People are the master and those elected, appointed or hired underlings are the servants. It is most certainly that simple. On election day, show the bums who's in charge — We the People!

The fate of our country, indeed the fate of We the People is in our own hands. We can take back our state. We can take back our country. The consequence of apathy is ... tyranny.

The vote. Use it. Don't leave home without it.

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