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Friday, 27 November, 2020

The Social Burden Theory

Date: 20 October, 1996

By: Chief

Imagever the past couple of years, I have heard a phrase or term being used more and more. This term is called "Social Burden" or "Social Burden Theory." As this Social Burden is starting to govern our individual lives, freedoms and liberties, I figured it was time to do a little research on the subject. This is what I have come up with.

I broke out my copy of the Magna Charta, Declaration of Independence, Federalist Papers, Constitution of the United States and Constitution of the State of California. Guess what — no mention. Not one single stinking word about social burden. I did find a lot of mention about individual rights, liberties, freedom, even inalienable rights. But nothing about social burden.

Then, if there is no mention of this phenomenon in our founding papers, just where exactly did it come from and why? Think about it. Isn't the United States the pillar of freedom in a world of tyranny? Isn't this country the land of opportunity? Why therefore, would something called social burden and it's proponents try to rein me in, restrict my liberties, deny me opportunity? It doesn't make sense.

The people (proponents) who tend to utilize this catchy phrase tend to be; legislators, doctors, economists, researchers, insurance companies, hospital administrators and college professors. This group has one common denominator; all of them rely on taxpayer dollars! In other words, they all feed out of the government trough. Yeah, that's right. We are paying these high priced idiots to deny us our freedom and liberties.

There is only one reason for this — we are broke! As a nation, as individual states and as citizens. We are flat broke. No money. Hey, it costs big bucks to support government entitlements. Social Security, Medicare, SSI, Welfare and (hello California) Medi-Cal. It also costs big time for the bureaucracy which administers these and other programs. The people who pay the taxes to support these programs have had enough. No more, the people will have no more! Therefore, if Congress or State Legislatures would raise taxes, I dare say, each and every one of them would be gainfully unemployed by days end.

Additionally, have you heard about or read about any bill which would eliminate an entitlement? Not on your life. The 104th Congress has made all kinds of noise about eliminating Department of Energy, Department of Education and the Commerce Department. Has any bill made it to the desk of the President and signed into law? Fuck no! How about individual states? Same thing. Why? Special interest groups. Plain simple, cut and dry.

Do you think, even for a minute that insurance companies, hospitals, doctors and so on, want to lose that government trough? Those big bucks? Have to live up too and honor their contracts and commitments with citizens? Not a chance! They would lose money — and lots of it. How about legislators. There is no way in hell any legislator wants to piss off these folks. That is where their campaign money comes from. You and I, just plain citizens are left out in the cold. We are not a concern to the power brokers. Unless we start costing them money or start raising to much of a fuss. If either happens, more laws are passed — more freedom and liberties taken from us.

Now, how does all of this tie into social burden? According to some, such as Dr. Jess Krauss (UCLA), if I am riding my motorcycle, not flying a lid and am involved in an accident, the probability exists that I may have more severe injuries than if I was wearing a helmet. Therefore, it would cost society more money to patch me up and boot me out the door of the get well quick shop. That is if I was to fully recover. If not, I would become a constant drain — a burden on society till the day I died. Using this theory, society then has the right(?) to deny me liberties, rights and freedom, based on cost.

Well Doc, have I got something for you! Show me the contract, that's right. Show me the contract which I signed and the state and/or federal government signed allowing and agreeing to:

I really want to see that contract. Ya know something. I cannot find that contract. Because there isn't one. I have no contract with the state or federal government pertaining to accidents and costs incurred. Bring that up with your Congressional representative, U.S. Senator or state representatives. Listen to what they say. It should be quite interesting. In fact, ask them, in writing to produce the contract.

Okay, so if there is no contract, what is all the fuss about? Just point the finger in the direction of Capitol Hill or your state capitol. Ask, in writing for the legislative analysis and legislative counsel (lawyers analysis) for the original Medicare or your state's version of same. I did, in February of this year. I asked California State Senator Henry Mello for those exact documents. It is now mid October — haven't received them yet.

You see, it was and is the Congress and state legislatures whom have saddled us with these programs which we cannot afford. It is this same group of people who will take from us our rights, freedoms and liberties without batting an eye. Yet, these people will not come to grips and face the fact that they are the ones who created this sorry state of affairs. Instead, they chose to outright eliminate our rights, freedoms and liberties rather than face the truth. Remember, follow the money flow.

Will Congress or individual state legislatures admit fault? No. Will they seek to correct the wrongs imposed on us? Again, the answer is no. So what is the solution? Hell, is there a solution? I think there is. The question becomes; how badly are we willing to fight for our freedom? What can we do? Me, I see a multi-pronged attack:

Finally, apathy is the biggest problem we face. Not the cops, not the courts, not television news, not any of those. The "I don't have the time" or "it doesn't effect me" syndrome. That is what got us in this mess to begin with, apathy.

[Ed. note: This story was updated 01 April, 2015.]

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