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Tuesday, 24 November, 2020

Remember the Alamo

Date: 13 June, 1997

By: Chief

Imageas the battle cry. "Remember the Alamo!" The battle cry that set Texas free from the clutches of Mexico. Over 100 brave men fought and died there. For what? ... For freedom.

Davey Crockett did not sit down with General Santa-Anna and cut a deal, negotiate a compromise, go back to the Alamo and tell everyone, "Hey we give Santa-Anna the Alamo and we can walk." Oh no, not a chance. Crockett and the rest stood their ground; the ground of honor, principle and integrity; that some things are just too important to compromise — and paid the price in full.

It appears that some "bikers" in Texas (and I use the word very loosely) have forgotten that lesson. Forgotten the lesson of honor, principle and integrity. Forgotten that some things are too important to compromise. Forgotten that the price for honor, for principle, for integrity, for freedom was paid in blood. Just forgotten.

What am I talking about? The recent enactment by the Texas legislature of Senate Bill 99. The amendment to the current mandatory motorcycle helmet law. It's not a repeal, as claimed by some, not even close. It is, however, repulsive and disgusting. It shows what people, in a position of power(?) will do to remain in power(?). They sold out their brothers, sisters, you and I. Most importantly, they sold out their own beliefs, principles and integrity — if they ever had any!

Are Texas bikers any more free now than they were prior to enactment of this bill? No. Can they hold their head high and proudly announce "There is no helmet law in Texas." I don't think so. Can the proponents, sponsors, author(s) and supporters of this travesty tuck their tails between their legs; not able to look you in the eye; and mumble, "Hey fellow(?) bikers, we sold you out." Damn right they can! In other words, Davey Crocketts, they ain't!

The real tragedy is: they don't care. I guess these folks follow the adage of "Win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat." In fact, I'll quote a section from an e-mail posted on the MRF bulletin board page. This person wrote:

"Well, Wayne, here is my "position" on your's and MRF's "position" on the Texas helmet law repeal - You can both kiss my Texas loving, freedom fighting a.....!!!!(name omitted)"

I'm no friend of the MRF, but it does sound like that writer could not stand the heat. Now, I could pick that statement apart — starting with the word "repeal," it isn't. Then moving right along to "Texas loving," this person hates bikers and by supporting that abortion (SB 99), obviously hates the state as well. "Freedom fighting," the writer doesn't know the meaning of the term. Like I said, I could pick that statement apart — but I won't.

Seriously, how can those who sponsored and supported that bill look at themselves in the mirror? They probably can as they have no concept of honor, principle and integrity. I would call each and everyone of them whores — but that would give whores a bad name. I, for one, can not think of a word or term which adequately describes just how vile they are.

Political reality, compromise, cut a deal; hey Texas bikers — anybody home? Some of your buddies sold you out! Yeah. That is exactly what they did. And for what? I don't have a clue. Do you? Are you willing to compromise your integrity? Your principles? Your beliefs? I've said it before and I'll say it again:

"If the sponsors and proponents of this bill had been defending the Alamo ... Texas would still belong to Mexico."

With the people currently serving in the Texas legislature and those who do support this bill, maybe Texas should belong to Mexico! At least it would clear up a whole host of problems. Primarily, ridding us of the low life, scum sucking sell outs!

I shall not compromise.

Get it people? Or should I say sheeple? You have been led — just like lambs to slaughter — by legislators who don't give a good God Damn about you; by people, both in and out of government, whose only purpose is to maintain their "leadership(?)" positions. Those types of scum (people), nobody needs.

To me, it is most clearly evident — the defenders of the Alamo died in vain.

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