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  Nostalgia ain't what it used to be

Friday, 04 December, 2020

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Another Shocker — It has been one hell of a year thus far

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What is Music — Music is both - sustenance for the soul and a language

It Ain't Easy — Living after a series of life altering changes is not simple

Goodbye Ginger — Ginger Baker is gone, he shall be sorely missed

Still Kicking — Which is something I am quite pleased about

Oh My God — Me, Agent Orange and cancer

Two Years On — My Sweetie died two years ago and nothing since has been the same


Burger Gate — A hamburger has turned the Democratic party into a laughing stock

A Year Gone Bye — Today marks the first anniversary of my sweetie's death


Unbelievable — The Safety Nazis have struck again

From a Shooter's Perspective — The Assassination of JFK (Final part of three) — A heinous murder was committed and nobody has ever been to trial

From a Shooter's Perspective — The Assassination of JFK (Part two of three) — Newton's laws of motion refute Oswald being the lone gunman

From a Shooter's Perspective — The Assassination of JFK (Part one of three) — The laws of motion show Oswald could not have done it all

The bomb (Final part of two) — Were the bombings to show the world or simply vengeance?

The bomb (Part one of two) — The atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were militarily indefensible yet they were necessary

A Huge Lesson Too be Learned — Don't believe in God and the power of prayer - you're making a big mistake

The Nuts are Running the Asylum (Final part of two) — The outcome will not be known until the reports are published

The Nuts are Running the Asylum (Part one of two) — A collision at sea raised many questions by ignorant reporters

Truth Hurts — And zealots of any flavor or denomination shall stop at nothing to make it hurt a lot worse

The Ubiquitous Wheelchair — The wheelchair is a great piece of equipment however, it can also kill you

Not Again — State legislatures are mucking around in your medicine cabinet

The Pain of Death — Make no mistake - death is a high dollar business

A Group of Four — When times get tough it is a diverse group of people who always come through for you

A Most Terrible Loss — The most wonderful lady I have ever known, loved and cherished is now in heaven


Snake Finally Made it — After waiting 32 years Ken Stabler is finally enshrined in the Hall of Fame

Chernobyl at Thirty — The Chernobyl nuclear power plant is a catastrophe which keeps on giving

A Massive Holiday Act of Idiocy (Final part of two) — The aftermath of Winter Storm Goliath

A Massive Holiday Act of Idiocy (Part one of two) — Mother Nature flexes her muscles and people hit the stupid button

Oh Happy Day (Final part of two) — Martin Shkreli should be the poster boy for birth control

Oh Happy Day (Part one of two) — Martin Shkreli has been arrested and arraigned for securities fraud & conspiracy


Who Dun It (Final part of two)? — Conspiracy buffs are still fussing over who flattened the World Trade Center

Who Dun It (Part one of two)? — Conspiracy buffs - just like politicans - convienently ignore fact

Same Sex Marriage — Gay marriage is now the law of the land so sayeth the Supreme Court

Oh No They Are at it Again — The shills, do-gooders and idiots are ranting at rabid speed

Hate is. . . — Disgusting, abhorrent and ignorant

Love is. . . — An aberration of the highest and most wonderful sort or kind

A Problem or a Solution (Final part of two) — In order to prevent extinction our motto should be 'condoms' are great

A Problem or a Solution (Part one of two) — If the human population is not reduced our species shall cease to exist


Something to Remember — Our veterans paid for our liberty with their blood, let us always honor them

How Dare They — Less than one year old Roswell's veteran cemetery is overrun with weeds

Grow A Pair, Will Ya? — Mental toughness cannot be taught but it can be learned

The Only Difference Between the RNC and the DNC — Or, same mother, different father

An April Fool — there are some people who are incredibly stupid

A Win by Any Other Name — Just leave guns alone after all they are a fundamental right

The Contract has Been Broken — The federales have broken the contract with We the People

Time for Another Dose of Attitude Adjustment — Walgreens needs to be slapped out of existence

NSA is Spying on We the People — Again

Tis the Season ... of Violence — Christmas is a time to get what you want no matter the cost


I am Taking a Break — I'm tired and my mind is mush which is not a good combination

A Letter to My Congressman — My opening salvo to protect my military retirement benefits

B.O. and Panetta — A Pair of Two Faced Rabid Curs — Declared war on Tricare & service members

Arrogance and Ego in the ER — In the E.R./hospital if you don't put your foot down you may not survive

B.O., You Stink (Final part of two) — Watch it folks or you just may end up at the Gitmo bed and breakfast

B.O., You Stink (Part one of two) — B.O. has signed the bill authorizing indefinite detention of Americans


It's About Time — Our troops are finally out of Iraq but we are not

Another Brother Gone — Rick 'Animal' Henry, 1955 - 2011, Vaya Con Dios my brother

B.O. is Trying to Screw Military Retirees (Final part of two) — Reducing military retirement benefits is wrong

B.O. is Trying to Screw Military Retirees (Part one of two) — By attempting to reduce military retiree benefits

Time for Round Two — The prostate specific antigen test is a farce and finally a task force has said so

Our Bureaucrats at Work — The absolute epitome of incompetence

What a Dirt Bag — A New Mexico State Trooper is caught, literally on camera, en flagrante poon tang

Up Yours Gore — CERN has proven that man made global warming or climate change is a fraud

And These are our Employees — Postal employees do indeed work for us, they just don't think so

IE and Stupidity — IE is not only a very bad product it is the absolutely worst product available for the web

Congress Versus the Constitution — Requiring ISP's to maintain log files on people is not freedom

I Survived an MRI — An MRI scan is as much fun as getting a root canal on your birthday

Thanks SSAM — A heartfelt thank you to our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen & Marines

My, My, My. . . — Osama bin Laden maybe dead but cowardly terrorists continue on

A Dream Come True — There is nothing in the world like being in the cab of a locomotive

Fire — There is nothing scarier in the world than a brush fire being pushed by wind

Made in China — The most foul, fetid and disgusting phrase quite possibly in all of human history

An Insidious Act — Zero tolerance laws have absolutely no place in our country

Holly the Hun, Captain, U.S. Navy — Captain Holly Graf makes Captain Bligh appear almost saint like

Pork Barrel Funding — Government is not a business and it should quit trying to be one

Tips for Marital Bliss — Some essential guidelines for newlyweds & other idiots

A Natural Right — The right to be free comes from nature & is universal in its application


Our Economy (final part of three) — We have three options, the ballot box, the jury box or the cartridge box

Our Economy (part two of three) — Economists & politicians are the direct cause of most lost jobs

Our Economy (part one of three) — If the loss of manufacturing jobs is not reversed our country is doomed

A Silver Lining (final part of two) — War sucks

A Silver Lining (part one of two) — What if somebody gave a war & nobody came?

The Virginian (final part of two) — The conclusion of fighting a helmet ticket in Virginia

The Virginian (part one of two) — The travails of fighting a helmet ticket in a strange land called Virginia

National Security my butt — We have never granted to government the powers they are using against us

Overrun by Idiots — Idiots are taking over the world

Ah Shud Up — Politicians never know when to shut up & blaming it on someone else won't help them either

The Road Toward Independence (final part of two) — Adopting our Declaration of Independence

The Road Toward Independence (part one of two) — Adopting the Lee Resolution of Independence

Puh-Lease, Not Another Poison — Don't eat strawberries - methyl iodide has been approved by the EPA

Katie's Law (final part of two) — The final part of this idiotic law

Katie's Law (part one of two) — If arrested, not convicted, just arrested, its mandatory DNA sample time

The Cow Dung Flung (final part of three) — The cost of medical care & propaganda in the classroom

The Cow Dung Flung (part two of three) — The infamous & worthless, digital rectal exam & PAP smear

The Cow Dung Flung (part one of three) — More on worthless medical tests

Financial Follies — The State of New Mexico is sailing right into financial straits with a blind man at the helm

False Gods (final part of two) — Remember, you the patient, are an experiment

False Gods (part one of two) — Doctors are not Gods & there is no heaven called medical science

They Must be Joking — Federal funds, incumbents, reelections & vote buying

Incompetence, I Wish These People Were That Smart — Most people in power have no leadership

A Losing Battle — In a battle of the sexes, if men were a baseball team, we'd be o'fer


A Double Edge Sword (final part of two) — What makes life worth living is worth more than life itself

A Double Edge Sword (part one of two) — No one escapes life ... alive

Vaya Con Dios Norton — Norton Buffalo, musician extraordinaire & human being without peer is gone

A Matter of Dignity — Dignity & medical procedures are in direct conflict with each other

The Story of Washington, DC — Compared to Washington, DC, Sodom & Gomorrah were saintly

Only in San Francisco — Compost your garbage or pay a $1,000.00 fine

Idiotic Legislators — To err is human, but to screw things up completely takes a legislature

Creationism or Evolution (final part of three) — In 1945 we successfully joined the galactic nuclear club

Creationism or Evolution (part two of three) — Earth; a galatic dumping ground for the human race

A Snow Job From Hobbs — Congressman Harry Teague misled &, as such, lied to his constituents

Creationism or Evolution (part one of three) — What if both creationism & evolution are wrong?

GERD: The Disease That Isn't — GERD is not a condition, disorder, or a disease. It never has been either

Driving Into Bankruptcy — Barack Obama's buyout of GM is big political payback to organized labor

Science Has No Respect — It is their way or the court room

Yeah Baby — THANK YOU to the men & women of the Chaves County, New Mexico, Fire Departments

What A Crock of Crap — School Superintendent Michael Grossman ... a convicted wife beater

I Want Some Free Money Too — The economic bailout is like getting screwed & not even kissed afterwards

The Olympic Games of 2012 — The British Olympic Association turned the games into a legal minefield

It's Time for Something Completely Different — When does a person ... become a person?

Obesity, An Epidemic? — The Center for Disease Control needs an enema to get rid of all the bloat

They're Screwed — City planners are supposed to think and plan, except in San Francisco

Told Ya — The financial & oil industries are working hard to artificially inflate the price of oil & fuel, again

AmCrap — Is so completely screwed up it cannot find its butt with both hands a map & a flashlight

Hay Yew — The English language makes no sense at all, to anyone


Would You Believe — That lawyers have no sense of humor? Well they don't

Sears Sucks — Sears, the corporation, needs an attitude adjustment in the worst way

Thankfully It's Over — The election that is

A Dose of Attitude Adjustment — Do not "spare the rod" on your kids

Crash and Burn — Stocks prices crashed; so why the tremendous drop in oil prices?

It is Time for A Party — The Wall Street fat cats ought to be taken to the nearest tree

Paganism (Final part of two) — And now, the conclusion of a mind blowing story

Paganism (Part one of two) — A mind blowing story

Ol' Slim is Right — If you are tired of the damned 'Vote for Me' signs, Slim has an answer & I love it

The Sorry State of Entertainment — 99% of all movies, music, radio & T.V. suck

Hallelujah (Final part of two) — I would rather have a gun in my hand than a cop on the phone

Hallelujah (Part one of two) — The Second Amendment is alive & well & pissing off the gun grabbers

Christ is Coming — And if he is smart, he will run for his life

Rules are Meant to be Broken — That is the Democratic National Committee new theme song

Presidential Job Qualifications — It may surprise you, but then again, probably not

Loyalty — Political loyality is an utter clash of words

Universal Health Care — Is a farce and a sham

Homo Sapien — I believe it is time to rename our species to Homo Stupids

The Web and Advertisers — Want to be rid of advertisers invading your favorite site? Here is how to do it

Heil Hillary — Hillary Clinton

Helmet Standard Law Versus Helmet Use Law — There is huge difference between the two

A New Skipper Takes the Helm — Don Blanscet becomes state director of Abate of California

The Hidden Danger — Censorship, the Internet and the U.S. Department of Commerce

Honor — Is what separates a man from a coward, criminal, lawyer or politician


Helmet Laws Suck (Part II of II) — The only good helmet law is no helmet law

Helmet Laws Suck (Part I of II) — Not only that but lid laws are unconstitional

There is No Cure For Stupidity — Bad weather conditions & stupid drivers equals a 100 car pile up

Chevy Sucks — The Chevrolet Cobalt is a certifiable piece of garbage

Gross Polluters (Part of II of II) — The fraudulent environmentalists

Gross Polluters (Part I of II) — Why it's the green weenies of course

The Maestro has Left the Stage — Luciano Pavarotti, 1935 - 2007

The New Global Economy — It ain't new & for We the People it really sucks

Shop Local — Do your trading with your local businesses

China Has the Right Idea — Tired of corrupt government officials? Well, then arrest 'em, try 'em & shoot 'em.

Impeachment — I think it is a just a gen-u-wine Jim Dandy idea

Executive Pay — Company CEOs pay, perks & privileges are outrageous yet they produce nothing

Waaaaaaa, The Poor Little Rich Wench — The saga of poor little ol' Paris Hilton

The New Protection Racket — Micro$scum has entered the extortion racket

A not so Bright Idea — Compact fluorescent light bulbs suck

Acts of Violence — Virginia Tech ... unarmed, defenseless & dead

Another War On Porn — Now the Department of 'Just Us' is going after adult porn

The Ultimate Interview — Truly an interview of a higher calling

Talk About Stupid — Some people are just to stupid to look out a window

An Unintended Consequence — Congress versus prescription narcotic drugs, what a mess

Water Wasters — It isn't the farmer

Time Is Running Out — Our emergency medical system (9-1-1) is in shambles

Improving Public Education — It is time to get back to the basics

A Deal Made In Hell — Microsoft & Novell are now in bed together


Giftmas — It is only about money & is such a travesty

He Must Be Joking — Bill Gates admits to watching pirated movies & it's Ok, according to him

Cookin' The Books — What Congress outlawed companies from doing, Congress does itself

Breeding Corruption Through Legislation — The Democratic & Republican parties are a cartel

For Want Of An Amp — Our power grid is failing

DHS — A Disaster Waiting To Happen — The Department of Homeland Security is utterly worthless

The Nuclear Power Feud — It's Iran & yellowcake versus the west

Vehicle Versus Train — Truly a no-brainer

It's About Time — John Madden has finally been inducted into professional football's Hall of Fame

Much Ado About Nothing — Global warming, the epitome of political science

Dubai Ports World Versus the Congressional Mafia — Sometimes you just can't beat the mob

Border Security, Immigration & Illegal Immigrants — We must secure our borders before anything else

Criminal in Chief — That is King George the Bush for ya

Above the Law — New Mexico Governor Bill 'Hot Rod' Richardson is a criminal

An Attractive Nuisance — In reality, it is not at all attractive

The Tale of Griselda & Esmeralda — The Geo Metro is the finest car ever built

The Death Penalty — Should we have it & should we use the hell out of it?

The Twenty Eighth Amendment — Federal election term limits

Poisonous Fruits of Labor — Agriculture & methyl bromide is not a good combination for life

Television, Public Enemy Number 1 — T.V. has become a vile instrument, just like the cell phone

The Land of Plenty — Plenty of hogwash

Sure Gun Control Laws Work — And if you believe that one . . .

Patriot Act, Part II — Congress & the Patriot Act

In a Pickle — Bush caught publicly violating his oath


The Wonders of Christendom — Still savage after all these centuries

The Public Education Failure — Our public schools gets an 'F'

Scrap the Space Shuttle — It's old, it's obsolete & its unsafe to fly

Who Should Control the Internet? — Not the European Union, obviously

The Cause of High Oil Prices — It ain't a commodity

The Arrogant Killing the Innocent — How environmentalists drowned a city

Up in Plames — Freedom of the press & spies are at odds

Greed — The corporate theme song

Drunk Drivers — The absolute scum of the road

Torpedoed — Our Social Security system

Arrest by .45 — Traveling to London carrying a knapsack might get you shot

The London Bombings — Cowards strike in London town

Our Property Rights — Going, Going, Gone — Sold to the highest bidder

Operation Rendition — Government sponsored & supported kidnapping

A Promise is a Promise — Unless you are a company filing for bankruptcy

What is With the Fuel Prices? — They're way too high & climbing

Troops Punished & Brass Slides — The Abu Ghraib prison disaster

New Boss ... Same Institution — The new pope

The Passing of a Good Man — Karol Wojtyla is gone

The Blue Collar Man — He produces

The Guantanamo Bay Gulag — The Hotel Gitmo Bed & Breakfast

Gadzooks — Beware of hospitals, the bill will kill you

Only in California — The Department of Motor Vehicles strikes again

He Must Be Out of His Mind — Howard Weyers, president of Weyco, is nuts

Chasing the Wrong Person — The federales have their priorities wrong


A Christmas Tale — In legalese, no less

Hysteria - 1, Liberty - 0 — Security, regligion & bigotry, what a mix

Controlling Internet Access — Free speech versus political power

Eek ... Pornography — It is merely sex on celluloid

The Electoral College Works — Don't fix what ain't broke

A Foreigner for President — It's the Republicans versus the Constitution

Yasser Arafat — Freedom fighter or criminal?

City Slickers Versus Rednecks — Or, red states versus blue states

A Michelangelo She Ain't — She can't spell either

Your Vote Does Count — But only if some lawyer says it does

Survey Says, Stupid — Whoever willfully chooses to live in hurricane alley is just that

Hurrah for Me & to Hell With You — The flu shot shortage saga

Geez, What a Surprise — There are no WMD's to be found in Iraq

Presidential Election 2004 — Bush or Kerry, what a pair of losers

The Essarycist — Don't delay, call one today

The Federal Assault Weapons Ban — Is finally history

Intellectual Property — People, not companies, create

Tis a Wonderful Day for a Beheading — With no end in sight

Delay what? Election What? — Elections versus security

Cell Phones are a Pain — I despise the infernal things

The Indian Wars — If you own land thank an Indian

Where did Iraq's Nukes Go — Wherever can they be

A Tit Caught in the Political Ringer — Janet Jackson sags again

Why Are You Watching Us? — The hideous surveillance camera


Pearl Harbor — The day of infamy

A Real National Tragedy — The VA hospital system sucks

Guard Your DNA Boys & Girls — Lest your employer tries to use it against you

The SCO Group Sues the World — Or, if you can't beat 'em, sue

Repeating History — Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it

Who is That in the Car With You? — Why it is big brother of course

The M$ X-perience — XP, the computer operating system virus writers love

At Least We Caught One — The cowardly Abu Abbas has been captured

Here we go Again — Jesus Christ, we just started another war

I Fear We Are on The Road to War — Colin Powell talks to the U.N.


Big Brother is Coming to Town — A.K.A., The rape of rights

Uh-Oh, We Are in Deep Trouble — The saga of Jose Padilla

A Tale (Tail) of two Cat Houses — The Congress at work

Our Lust for Oil — I love oil, but not how we get it

Disgusting Conduct of the DEA — There was no reason for it

A Matter of Trust — Is government trustworthy

Why Not Torture? — To possibly prevent another 9/11

I Spy — On you

Corporate America — Big business, politics & us

The Flap Over the Pledge — From a different perspective

A Definite Double Standard — Police power versus the Fourth Amendment

How Much is too Much? — Medical marijuana

What a Joke — States' Rights to Medical Marijuana Act legislation

The Death of Privacy — U.S. Senator Fritz Hollings, the web & our privacy

Tis the Season — The tax man cometh

Inhabited by Cannibals — A zero tolerance human food frenzy in the U.S.A.

A Nation of Criminals — That would be all of us

Bye Bye, Baby - Bye Bye — Our freedoms

The Redmond Rapists — Microsoft & the end user license agreement

Place Your Bets — To gamble or play the stock market, that is the question

Dissolving the Political Bands — Governmental contempt for citizens

The Wannabe King — George W. Bush


Miracle or Magic — It is Harry Potter versus religion

The War on Drugs — Is an abysmal failure

A Rogue Nation — The United States

The Light of Liberty — Give me freedom, not security

The Incompetent Teaching the Uneducated — Incompetent teachers

Congress, Children, the Web & the First Amendment — Here we go again

We the People — September 11, 2001

Polygamy & Politics — Gary Condit, Bill Clinton & an imprisoned polygamist

The Good, The Bad & The Absolutely Stupid — The Fourth of July

The Income Tax — Should be repealed

A Tale of Two Snipers — There is no reason for police to have snipers

Buying a Politician — Is like buying a dog, but these dogs bite their owners

The New Crusade — Against free speech

Political Bribery & Bad Faith — U.S. Senator Trent Lott

War & The Body Politic — It is time to fire our politicians

Taking a Bite Out of Cookies — The web & our privacy

The State Failed Us — The bankrupcy of Pacific Gas & Electric Company

Let The Punishment Fit The Crime — Taxes, electricity & California

The Gun — Cannot commit a crime

Equal What? — Protection, just some are more equal than others

The State of Marriage — It may not be what you think

Political Correctness — Is hogwash

You Get What You Pay For — More laws, less freedom

The Devil Made Me do it — Don't accept responsibility, blame it on the devil


The Kubby Case — The trial which should have never happened

The Rule of Law — How Gore tried to reverse the outcome of the election

The Two Faces of Politics — The Al Gore & George Bush comedy show

Piracy, a New Growth Industry — How government can take what you own

The Smell of Garbage — The year 2000 presidential election

Judges or Cross Dressers — The forgotten the oath of office

Show Me — The authority to enact Medicare or Social Security

The Shores of Tripoli — Our middle east foreign policy does not work

When was the Last Time —  You checked the price of gas

To Be or Not To Be President — A look at the two major contenders

Special Interest Groups, Political Action Committees & Lobbyists — A.K.A. Slime

Things Going On — The upcoming election

At What Price Justice — Those who can afford justice, get justice

It's My God Given Right — Show me that in the Constitution

A Day Which Shall Live in Infamy — The killing of Vicki Weaver

In Fraud We Trust — The Christian crutch

'We Americans' — We need to take a long, hard look in the mirror

When is a Right a Privilege — When the legislature says so

Get a Rope — An alternative to impeachment

National Education Atrocity — The public education fiasco

The Future Face of Liberty — Masked men with guns

Prohibition is Alive & Well — And insidious as ever

The Pen is Mightier — Than the sword, but keep the sword handy

1996 - 1999

Shall Not Be Infringed — Our Second Amendment

The Power of the Vote — Don't leave home without it

California's Proposition 215 & Governmental Malfeasance — Government doesn't like it

Political Terrorism — The saga of Steve & Michele Kubby

Comparing Apples, Bananas & the Prickly Pear — A reality check

Convicted for Obeying the Law — It can happen

Guilty as Charged — We the People have failed to protect our freedoms

A Lesson in Political Reality — Be prepared ahead of time

Remember the Alamo — The bikers of Texas have been deceived, misled & sold out

A Bunch of Paper Tigers — Regrettably, Assemblyman Dick Floyd is right

Newton and the Helmet Law — Physics is a fact

The Social Burden Theory — Is merely a scam to separate We the People from our rights & our money

I Shall not Compromise — Principles & beliefs are never up for sale

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